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Winslow Park Is Not Going To The Dogs

Right now, it seems, every elementary school child in Westport is sledding or tubing on the snowy hills in the middle of downtown.

Winslow Park 2

So much for the myth that kids today never put down their electronic devices.

Winslow Park 1

Of course, 30 years from now, those now-grown parents will say to their own children, “Put down your intelliport! When I was your age, I played all day in this amazing blizzard….”

Winslow Park 4

Winslow Park 5

Winslow Park 3

Cleanup Time!

It takes a government ban to produce a scene like this:

I-95 after snow - Nico Eisenberger

That’s a shot of I-95 without a car in sight. Nico Eisenberger went cross-country skiing at Sherwood Island, and enjoyed this view from the Beachside Avenue bridge.

A bit further east, Chip Stephens saw 25 or so trucks parked near the Athena Diner. From Texas.

Their drivers don’t have much to, other than laugh at us panic-stricken Easterners.

Tree crews -- Chip Stephens

Meanwhile, Mark Mathias cleared his driveway. We all know the Board of Ed member/Mini Maker Faire co-founder is an energetic guy, but this video will blow you away.

Just like the snow.

PS: Seems like every gas station on the Post Road is open. Every liquor store, too.


Are You Open?

An “06880” reader wants to know what’s open. If you own, work at or know a business, organization or service — a bank? store? restaurant? the post office? — with its parking lot plowed and lights on, please click “Comments” below.

open sign

This Is What A Westport Blizzard Looks Like …

…with apologies to our friends on Cape Cod, who really are getting hammered:

(Photos/Betsy P. Kahn)

(Photos/Betsy P. Kahn)

Snowplow Or No Plow?

A worried “06880” reader writes:

I just got a note from my private snowplowing contractor who was told by the police department that he is not allowed on the roads to plow due to the ban set forth by the governor.

Is that right? So if the ban is not lifted until tomorrow afternoon then we will not see a plow for a long time! How does this help the state to get back on track from the storm? Have you heard of this?

I had not. But Governor Malloy’s ban — in effect now until further notice — includes all vehicles “except emergency response and recovery vehicles with the capacity to maneuver in heavy snow.”

So plows do appear banned — both private and public. On the one hand, with snow predicted to fall at the rate of several inches an hour, their initial work would be covered up quickly.

On the other hand, if they have to wait until it’s over to plow 2 feet or more, that will be pretty tough to do.

And on the 3rd hand (!), this is a long-lasting storm. So maybe it’s best that our hard-working, seldom-appreciated plow guys get some rest while they can.

This storm a few years ago was a piece of cake for Westport's plow guys. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

This storm a few years ago was a piece of cake for Westport’s plow guys. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)


Alert “06880” Joe Massoud reports one more reason it’s good to have Bagel Maven back in business:

“Alex was there this morning, happily selling not only bagels and coffee, but also dozens of eggs to customers who told him they were sold out at local supermarkets. A true friend and neighbor!”

Bagel Maven logo

Locusts Attack Trader Joe’s

Alert “06880” reader Ed Paul headed to Trader Joe’s late today.

The pickings were slim.

Trader Joes collage - Ed Paul

Ed says, “it seems that everyone in town will be making omelettes, baking cakes and eating bread over the next few days. Thankfully, there’s still a little milk left to wash down the rest of the food.”