Are You Open?

An “06880” reader wants to know what’s open. If you own, work at or know a business, organization or service — a bank? store? restaurant? the post office? — with its parking lot plowed and lights on, please click “Comments” below.

open sign

29 responses to “Are You Open?

  1. Spotted Horse Tavern will open the lounge at 3:30 and dining room by 4:30. Thanks!!

  2. Calise’s is open!

  3. Hi,

    Can you please let the readers know that If they would like to have Indian food, Coromandel Cuisine in Southport is open for lunch and dinner.. They are doing takeouts and deliveries.

    Thank you and appreciate

  4. Aitoro appliances is closed

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  5. iFloat is open

  6. Is the Merritt open ?

  7. Christies: I took a position yesterday afternoon and told the staff to stay home. We are closed today.

  8. Pure Barre Westport will be open for a pop-up 4:30 pm class and the 6:00 pm class.

  9. Mario’s place is open!

  10. I went online to Webster Bank this morning, and their post said all branches are closed today.

  11. Ellen Greenberg

    Thanks Dan for this and the shoveling brigade!

  12. Westport Pizza is open

  13. Matthew Mandell

    Dan – good call on letting people know what’s up and allowing businesses to say they are open. Of course it is still slippery out there, so be careful.

  14. I was out this morning and Dunkin’ Donuts is open as is the diner and CVS. All the necessities!

  15. Michael Calise

    Settlers & Traders is open.

  16. Little Barn will be open for dinner and drinks at 4:00 today.

  17. Kibberia Mediterranean Restaurant is Closed today.

  18. Winged Monkey is open! great sale too! up to 70% off!

  19. Celia Campbell-Mohn

    Thank you for this blog. It’s invaluable. Celia Campbell-Mohn

  20. I have been calling The Red Barn to make a Saturday lunch reservation and there is no answer, so I presume they are closed.

  21. Cabin fever after 24hrs ???

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  22. Black Duck Cafe in Saugatuck is open

  23. Garelick and Herbs on the post road will be open until 7pm this evening! Snow can’t stop your taste buds!

  24. Jacques Voris

    Westport pizzeria is open

  25. Our Westport location is closed and will reopen Thursday.
    Our Southport location will be open tomorrow.

  26. Viva Zapata will open the bar and the kitchen at 4.. Nothing better on snow day than Margaritas & Nachos !!!

  27. Cathy Barnett

    Whole Foods is open in Westport. I checked their Facebook page before I ventured out. Local team members made it in to work. Deli open, no salad bar, hot food bar or soup bar open. They have dairy, milk, cheese, yogurt, etc but no eggs. Soŕry not sure when they close today.

  28. I guess the Post Office is closed… two days now without mail delivery…. so much for the old motto….”neither snow nor rain nor heat…..”