Staples Soccer Players Offer Shoveling Help

The snow is light and fluffy. There’s less of it than everyone expected. But it’s still a lot to contend with — particularly if you’re elderly or disabled.

Members of the Staples High School boys soccer team have volunteered to help. With school canceled, they’re available to shovel out folks who can’t do it themselves (or have no able-bodied kids of their own).

Because many of them can’t drive — or their parents don’t want them to — the offer is limited to neighborhoods where players live. So there are no promises that a match can be made.

But if you’d like a soccer player to help, email I’ll do the best I can to send a strong teenager.

NOTE: Any other Westport youngsters (or older!) willing to volunteer are welcome to join in this community effort too. Just email, and tell me where you live. I’ll add you to the list of volunteer shovelers!

After Hurricane Sandy, Staples soccer players helped clean up sand from front yards on Soundview Drive.

After Hurricane Sandy, Staples soccer players helped clean up sand from front yards on Soundview Drive.

16 responses to “Staples Soccer Players Offer Shoveling Help

  1. Sandy Soennichsen

    Dan, that is really great. Thank you and the boys on the team. Wish I had one living on my street but oh well. Anyway, it’s a grfeat offer and service to the community; you and the boys should take a bow. Here, here Dan Woog, and the Staples Soccer Team.

  2. And this is one of the many reasons that Staples Soccer is one of the premier high school sport organizations on and off the field. It is a program that should be emulated across various sports and schools. Thanks Dan

  3. Lawrence Sherman

    Hi Dan,

    I read your posts all the time and really appreciate your humor and insight and clear writing. Just had to write you a note to say that you acting as a nexus for people who need help to meet-up with people who would like to help, is fantastic for all concerned, and the whole town.

    All the best,


  4. Thanks, Dan…your web is my guide to the life and history of Westport…Love it and thank you. This latest is what community is all about…digging in
    together to make our town a better place for all….
    Thank you, Julie Fatherley

  5. I feel like your web is like an onion…I keep peeling the layers to find another.
    Just wanted to reply to the amazing gift you give our community of current events, personalities and histories…a real gift for us who have been transplanted here. This latest is what community is all about. Thank you for featuring these amazing stories of selflessness….Julie Fatherley

  6. I will volunteer to drive any player to a home that needs shoveling. The road ban is over and I have ‘snow’ 4 wheel drive.

    Dan just email me if you need the help.

  7. Thanks for organizing this, Dan. Great idea! I’m sure many will benefit (the shovelers and the recipients). n

  8. I’d like to add that not only are these kids civic-minded, they are true student-athletes, as exemplified by the team academic award won by the squad–one of only two soccer teams in CT to do so. Kudos to Dan for the type of sports program he oversees:

  9. Annelise McCay

    Andres Marmelo showed up promptly, politely, and kindly shoveled mom’s
    walkway and around the car.
    So terrific… Many thank you’s to Andres, the Staples soccer players, and to
    you for posting this Sevice on 06880.
    Very helpful, Thank you!
    Gratefully, Annelise Grater McCay

  10. Very nice offering Dan. Senior citizens should also know about the We Do Walkways program offered by Westport’s Department of Human Services which maintains a list of middle and high school students willing to shovel. Information is available at 341-1050 (although they are closed today).

    • Bart Shuldman

      Is this a joke ‘closed today’? Government at its best. 😉😉

      • LOL, I walked in to that one! Meant to include that my comment was for future reference. The program is admirable and really exemplifies “government at its best.”

  11. Noah and Ben Schwaeber did a wonderful job of shoveling for me today! I really appreciated their good natured help and attention to detail. It was my pleasure to compensate them for their work, especially given that they likely saved me the money I would have spent on a chiropractor or doctor had I attempted to do the work myself. 😉 Also, many thanks to you, Dan, for facilitating such a welcome opportunity and introducing me to some great neighbors!