Snowplow Or No Plow?

A worried “06880” reader writes:

I just got a note from my private snowplowing contractor who was told by the police department that he is not allowed on the roads to plow due to the ban set forth by the governor.

Is that right? So if the ban is not lifted until tomorrow afternoon then we will not see a plow for a long time! How does this help the state to get back on track from the storm? Have you heard of this?

I had not. But Governor Malloy’s ban — in effect now until further notice — includes all vehicles “except emergency response and recovery vehicles with the capacity to maneuver in heavy snow.”

So plows do appear banned — both private and public. On the one hand, with snow predicted to fall at the rate of several inches an hour, their initial work would be covered up quickly.

On the other hand, if they have to wait until it’s over to plow 2 feet or more, that will be pretty tough to do.

And on the 3rd hand (!), this is a long-lasting storm. So maybe it’s best that our hard-working, seldom-appreciated plow guys get some rest while they can.

This storm a few years ago was a piece of cake for Westport's plow guys. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

This storm a few years ago was a piece of cake for Westport’s plow guys. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

14 responses to “Snowplow Or No Plow?

  1. If a travel ban on our roadways is in effect in several states, it generally is for a good reason. If you want your driveway plowed before your contractor can get there by Tuesday evening or early Wednesday, then shovel it yourself, or get your kids to do it, or hire a neighborhood kid to do it. I stepped outside about 5 minutes ago and felt like I was inside a snow globe and this storm has not cranked up fully! Most of the Northeast will be impacted for a few days. Let’s focus on things more important, like hoping that power outages are kept to a minimum and people stay safe at home. Relax, make a bowl of popcorn…kick your feet up and catchup on some good movies….your driveway will be just fine, unplowed for a day or so.

    • Jamie. The issue is not private driveways but the many private roads in Westport. While it appears the town will have a chance to ‘get ahead’ and work to clear the roads as the snow falls, those living on private roads could get stuck if private plows have to wait. Hopefully there will be no medical emergencies or needs by the elderly.

      The writers concern is a good one as we live in an area with private roads. Not many ‘kids’ can clear that much road.

      We cannot stop power failures-but keep focusing on it. Hope is not a strategy.

      Be safe.

      • You are correct Bart. Access to private roads is critical for emergency vehicles but as Melinda Dubowsky pointed out the town would have likely dispatched a plow along with the emergency assets if required. Let’s face it…a travel ban for all non emergency vehicles was a little knee jerk…maybe it should have been revised to all non-essential vehicles.

  2. Relax. All will be well tomorrow.
    Think of more important things while you wait for the plow.

  3. Yikes! Jamie Walsh and I wrote the same at the same time!
    It really is a small world.

  4. I wonder if we should reconsider the private plow ban in Westport as there are many private roads and lanes that are not plowed by the town plows. These private roads are maintained by the residents living on these roads and all plowing by private contractors is paid for by these residents. Many are long. With this ban on private vehicles how would an emergency vehicle access a resident in need if the private road is blocked by significant snow? How would the fire department navigate an unplowed lane? Would the town call in the municipal plows to get to a neighbor in need?

    • Melinda Dubowsky

      If there were an emergency, a town plow would be routed to that road so that the emergency vehicles would be able to get through.

  5. Kinda silly isnt it…. Since he has a Plow.?
    Now god forbid something bad happens.. Who is going to cover whose ass?

  6. Jennifer Rankine

    Weatherman tripping over themselves now trying to explain that they said “it will be a narrow band that has blizzard conditions.” My 14 year old was plowing the driveway with a lawn tractor at 3am and it was perfectly calm with just a typical snowfall. The private plow guys know what they can/cannot go out in, and we saw plently of them go past us at 3am. Let them plow.

  7. bobbi essagof

    We would love a plow here as it during snow storms it looks like the world has stopped from my window, when in reality the main roads are usually cleared and life is going on for the rest of the world. I suppose unless there are no emergencies..I can read!!

  8. Bart Shuldman

    The TRI state governors are learning after many of these storms. Banning cars is a great idea. Get the roads cleared and plowed. But maybe they will adjust the policy to allow private plows. Not all roads ‘are the same’. Kind of funny to write.

  9. Sandy Soennichsen

    Travel ban has just been lifted.

  10. Any one that snow plows for money does not want to wait until there is fifteen inches of snow on the ground. The more snow the harder it is to push. You want to plow every time there is six inches. Plowing less snow also makes it easyer on equipment…….