What Juno About This Blizzard?

It’s 11 p.m. I’m going to bed.

I have no idea what will happen overnight.

But let’s crowdsource this potential life-altering, earth-orbit-altering storm*. When you read this — assuming you can, thanks to some sort of power source — please rate it:


* I will not refer to it by its fake, Weather.com-created “name.” I used it in the headline only because I couldn’t help myself.


18 responses to “What Juno About This Blizzard?

  1. Jane Lassner Zeitchick

    So far this is quite unremarkable.

  2. William Adler

    I suspected from the maps late yesterday afternoon that the snow storm might hit to the north and spare this area. CNN was falling all over itself trying to find scary-looking snow shots… Anderson Cooper looking embarrassed with no hat and nothing to say… calling it “Blizzard ’15” like it was the storm of the year that old people would refer to in the future. You could see them back-tracking, interviewing young “severe weather experts” who had little to say – one actually was quoted explaining that he was too young to remember Storm Sandy well. This probably wasn’t even the storm of 2015 so far (for this area) much less one for the ages! On the other hand, the Weather Channel (Ch. 62 locally) did a great job and they were right to call it “Winter Storm Juno” and not something hyperbolic. We’d do well to stick to the Weather Channel for what they do best and ask the news channels to cover everything else. The worst thing about the mainstream national and NY-area media spending 100% of their time on this storm of the century is that it was as if there were no other news… anywhere… perpetuating the impression that today’s media, and media consumers, only have the heart for one big story at a time.

  3. karen Howes Westport youth comm.

    Good morning, a beautiful snow…the over hyped, anxiety ridden media, weather channel etc… . Laughable….just another example ,though detrimental to an already fear based , anticipatory anxiety time in this country, I caught myself, broke down and watched a bit of the news before going to sleep last night..mistake, filling my head with anxiety nonsense….be present in the moment !

  4. Joyce Barnhart

    Dan, I disagree with you about naming the winter storms as they name the summer events. A name makes it much easier to remember the storm. What do you say – “Hurricane Sandy” or “that storm around Halloween that did so much damage in 2013 – or was it 2012” ? I do wonder what happened to storms A through I this year.
    For all the forecasts that fall short on accuracy, we still get so much more and better nformation than before the weather satellites went up. I’d rather they hype it up and then it’s much less severe than vice-versa.

  5. Audrey Doniger

    in my day,many long years ago “Juno” was called “winter”

  6. Matthew Mandell

    Naming Winter storms is a farce and a PR stunt by the Weather Channel. It should be ignored. NOAA the govt agency does not name Winter storms. They go by year. The ’78, ’06 etc. Looking back will any one remember Juno or any other named winter storm? Or will they remember the storm that wasn’t in ’15.


  8. Joyce Barnhart

    Dan – was that the one in April? If so, I remember it. If not, I don’t.

    At my age, my memories for the blizzard of ’47 are better than more current happenings!

    • Nope — it was mid-winter (early February?) in ’78. Governor Grasso closed the state. I helped set up Green’s Farms Elementary School as a shelter, then walked straight down the middle of the Post Road to the Westport News to help provide newspaper coverage. (True story.) Rhode Island got walloped even worse than Connecticut — it’s still the standard by which all blizzards are measured there.

  9. Sharon Paulsen

    I’m thinking the ’78 storm was in March?

    In terms of the severity of our current storm, the coastlines farther north got hit hard, and are still anticipating more flood surges during high tide later today. Also, some inland areas, like Boston suburbs, easily got 20+ inches of snowfall.

    We were spared here in Trumbull – we have about 9 inches on the ground, and some impressive drifts, but wholly manageable!


  10. Not too bad…but we’re inland nh…some areas of the state got 27 inches.it is still snowing.

  11. All names are fake and made up. I think Weather.com got sick of talking about.. “that unnamed freak March Storm of 2011” that was much more destructive around there than most other storms and it didn’t have a name. I want to retroactively name that storm!! Then Juno much more than you did before.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      LOL LOL! Too funny Mary Gai.

      Now, here comes “Winter Storm Linus” for our Feb 1st – 2nd forecast. Yay! Another named storm of potentially biblical proportions!

      Think we need a bigger boat?

      Hmm, imagine the weather forecast prediction on Groundhog Day?

      Forget about Deflate-Gate and the Super Bowl – “we gots snow com’in up in them there hills”.

      Oh, wait a second – isn’t “Linus” just a bit too-soft of a name for our next 1-footer due to arrive? I mean, Charlie Brown names, really? (Oh yeah, it’s kindof biblical in reference for some folks … So, okay – whatever. I concede).

      Rock on Northest peeps! We can handle this.

      Be glad we weren’t in Buffalo for the 6+ foot snowmaggedon they experienced.