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Unsung Heroes #179

This hasn’t been the worst winter.

But it hasn’t been the best. We’ve had several snowfalls, with a decent number of inches.

Each time, we’ve been out and about quickly.

Thanks to our plow guys.

Some work for the state Department of Transportation, or Westport Public Works. Others are private — employed by landscaping or other companies, or completely on their own.

All are crucial.

We seldom see them. We’re inside, drinking cocoa. Or asleep.

There’s a real art to clearing roads and driveways, efficiently and quickly. I can’t imagine what a mess I’d make if I tried. Very quickly, I’d need to be plowed out myself.

We never know how much we need our plow guys, until we do.

Thanks to all, for all you do, for all of us.

I just hope we don’t see you again until 2022.

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 (Photo/Larry Untermeyer)


Unsung Heroes #87

Today’s Unsung Heroes might seem an unusual pick.

This winter has been remarkably snow-free (knocking on every piece of wood I can find — especially for tonight). We’ve been hit with only a few flakes — and scarcely seen a plow.

Westporters have a fraught relationship with our plow guys. We desperately need them, and a good, reliable one is solid gold.

But we pay a lot for their services. As much as we like them, we sure don’t want to see them.

A rare sight this winter.

Think of it from their perspectives, though. This has been a winter of lost wages.

So, for all the private plow guys: Hang in there. We hope you’re doing okay.

And for the town and state employees, who do amazing (and thankless) work in every storm too: We’re glad you worked on other projects this winter!

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Snowplow Or No Plow?

A worried “06880” reader writes:

I just got a note from my private snowplowing contractor who was told by the police department that he is not allowed on the roads to plow due to the ban set forth by the governor.

Is that right? So if the ban is not lifted until tomorrow afternoon then we will not see a plow for a long time! How does this help the state to get back on track from the storm? Have you heard of this?

I had not. But Governor Malloy’s ban — in effect now until further notice — includes all vehicles “except emergency response and recovery vehicles with the capacity to maneuver in heavy snow.”

So plows do appear banned — both private and public. On the one hand, with snow predicted to fall at the rate of several inches an hour, their initial work would be covered up quickly.

On the other hand, if they have to wait until it’s over to plow 2 feet or more, that will be pretty tough to do.

And on the 3rd hand (!), this is a long-lasting storm. So maybe it’s best that our hard-working, seldom-appreciated plow guys get some rest while they can.

This storm a few years ago was a piece of cake for Westport's plow guys. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

This storm a few years ago was a piece of cake for Westport’s plow guys. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

Let It Snow…

North Avenue, looking south

One of the best things about this morning’s mini-snowfall — besides its quick duration, lack of ice and reasonable temperature — is the fact that it stayed pure and white, long after the plows roared past.

That was the case earlier this winter too, when we got socked with substantial snow the weekend before Christmas.  The town did a great job clearing the roads — and they did it without the tons and tons of sand and salt we’re accustomed to.

I missed the memo that said Westport was going green — by staying white, avoiding brown — but it is a welcome (and beautiful) change.

It’s enough to make you wish for more snow, all the time, all winter long.

Just kidding!

Evergreen Avenue, looking east