Unsung Heroes #225

Sure, this Unsung Hero story ran previously.

But our plow guys don’t deserve just a one-off. They’re there when we need them, year after year. So get off your plow, and take a bow!

This hasn’t been the worst winter.

But it hasn’t been the best. We’ve had several snowfalls, with a decent number of inches.

Each time, we’ve been out and about quickly.

Thanks to our plow guys.

Some work for the state Department of Transportation, or Westport Public Works. Others are private — employed by landscaping or other companies, or completely on their own.

All are crucial.

We seldom see them. We’re inside, drinking cocoa. Or asleep.

There’s a real art to clearing roads and driveways, efficiently and quickly. I can’t imagine what a mess I’d make if I tried. Very quickly, I’d need to be plowed out myself.

We never know how much we need our plow guys, until we do.

Thanks to all, for all you do, for all of us.

I just hope we don’t see you again until 2023.

PS: Want to give your own favorite snow plower a personal shout-out? Click “Comments” below.

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 (Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

13 responses to “Unsung Heroes #225

  1. this is so well deserved – good shout out

  2. Dan — this is 2022.

  3. My youngest son starting plowing for businesses and private properties during his high school days! He’d be out there in those blizzards–even at 3 am and then again at 6 am if the snow was heavy. I did fret! But I was proud of his work ethic and knew that businesses and residences were safer because he and others were out there while we were inside staying warm.

  4. I’ve plowed every storm since 1977. I’ve gotten grumpier and shortened my route. Cell phones have helped a lot.

  5. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Dan, we live in Pompton Plains, NJ for the past 5 years, but your wonderful shout-out brought back appreciative memories of hearing Charlie Duffy’s plow out in our driveway at 2 or 3 in the morning as he crunched through the snow. Is he still doing plowing for lucky Westporters? Charlie and his employees plowed in the winter and mowed in the summer for at least 23 years for us, and, as you said, so efficiently and quickly. Thanks, Charlie Duffy!

    • Linda: Charlie Duffy is still at it and he’s still the best—plowing and shoveling in the winter and he and his crew mowing in the summer .

  6. What a good story. Finally. Someone knowledges the folks who plow. They seem like angels that appear when needed most and then quietly disappear. Thanks.

  7. Audrey Hertzel

    A special and most appreciated shout out to Henry (“HJ”) Luciano and his amazing crew which has taken care of our snow plowing for our condo complex for decades! They’ve never let us down and do an amazing job clearing the snow from our driveways, parking areas and walks. HJ is also an excellent meteorologist! I trust his weather updates more than I do the media! Thanks HJ! You and your crew are THE BEST!

  8. Ellen and Mark Naftalin

    We want to acknowledge our amazing mom and pop Landscaping Co., Segundo and Sons. They come out of Derby and service Westport and Fairfield and any neighdorhood nearby. This company does all our tree cutting, mowing, emergency tree cutting, and most importantly, at this time of year, our driveway plowing. It is always amazing to me to realize that when they show up at 4am right after the snow has stopped they are literally working all night and watching the storm. They always seem to know just when to come. Here is their info.
    Segundo & Sons Landscaping LLC | Landscapinghttps://segundoandsonslandscaping.com

  9. Our plow people are fine and we appreciate what they do. The problem is the some folks on our private road who refuse to chip in and share the expense, as little as it is.We have no association and little cooperation, so it’s grin and bear it. Would love it if the town would make it a public road! Anyone have experience with this?

    • You would have to, at your expense, bring the road up to town standards regarding width and turning circle and then petition the town to take over. It is unlikely they would as they understandably don’t want the additional expense of plowing and paving.