Unsung Heroes #179

This hasn’t been the worst winter.

But it hasn’t been the best. We’ve had several snowfalls, with a decent number of inches.

Each time, we’ve been out and about quickly.

Thanks to our plow guys.

Some work for the state Department of Transportation, or Westport Public Works. Others are private — employed by landscaping or other companies, or completely on their own.

All are crucial.

We seldom see them. We’re inside, drinking cocoa. Or asleep.

There’s a real art to clearing roads and driveways, efficiently and quickly. I can’t imagine what a mess I’d make if I tried. Very quickly, I’d need to be plowed out myself.

We never know how much we need our plow guys, until we do.

Thanks to all, for all you do, for all of us.

I just hope we don’t see you again until 2022.

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 (Photo/Larry Untermeyer)


5 responses to “Unsung Heroes #179

  1. I agree, these guy’s are great. They clear my road every couple of hours during each meaningful snow event. Now, if the folks who are responsible for picking up trash on the ground in the Parker Harding area and on the Steinkrauss bridge would do a better job we’d have another unsung hero!

  2. We love Art from A Work of Art Landscaping. He a local Staples graduate and very kind. 203-557-4457

  3. I’ve been plowing for 45 years. I know every storm from then, personally! I’m getting to be the grumpy old snow plower but I give a bucket of peonies to each client.

  4. Shout out to Tom Purcell and his team! They do a great job at our home and our business!

  5. Michael Schreder

    Living at Saugatuck Center, I enjoy the Gault boys doing their “dance of the elephants” as they easily drive their big equipment with grace, speed, and the closest possible margins as they remove the snow from their property and Riverside Avenue.