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Re-Opening Soon: Athena Diner

It’s not Christie’s Country Store.

But the Athena Diner — closed since June — will soon live again.

New owners are doing site work and renovations.

That’s good news for Westporters. Southporters. And drivers everywhere, looking for a quick stop off I-95 Exit 19.

Athena Diner (Photo/Andy Bangser)

Athena And Qdoba Close

Two seemingly popular restaurants have shut their doors.

Athena — the longtime diner just over the Southport line — posted a handwritten sign. It says simply, “Diner sold.”

Athena Diner

Qdoba — a “fast casual” Mexican chain — opened 4 years ago next to Playhouse Square. It was a favorite of many teenagers. No reason was given for the closure.

Qdoba prepared to open, in July 2014.

Cleanup Time!

It takes a government ban to produce a scene like this:

I-95 after snow - Nico Eisenberger

That’s a shot of I-95 without a car in sight. Nico Eisenberger went cross-country skiing at Sherwood Island, and enjoyed this view from the Beachside Avenue bridge.

A bit further east, Chip Stephens saw 25 or so trucks parked near the Athena Diner. From Texas.

Their drivers don’t have much to, other than laugh at us panic-stricken Easterners.

Tree crews -- Chip Stephens

Meanwhile, Mark Mathias cleared his driveway. We all know the Board of Ed member/Mini Maker Faire co-founder is an energetic guy, but this video will blow you away.

Just like the snow.

PS: Seems like every gas station on the Post Road is open. Every liquor store, too.