Cleanup Time!

It takes a government ban to produce a scene like this:

I-95 after snow - Nico Eisenberger

That’s a shot of I-95 without a car in sight. Nico Eisenberger went cross-country skiing at Sherwood Island, and enjoyed this view from the Beachside Avenue bridge.

A bit further east, Chip Stephens saw 25 or so trucks parked near the Athena Diner. From Texas.

Their drivers don’t have much to, other than laugh at us panic-stricken Easterners.

Tree crews -- Chip Stephens

Meanwhile, Mark Mathias cleared his driveway. We all know the Board of Ed member/Mini Maker Faire co-founder is an energetic guy, but this video will blow you away.

Just like the snow.

PS: Seems like every gas station on the Post Road is open. Every liquor store, too.


7 responses to “Cleanup Time!

  1. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Winslow Park is open. There must be 100 kids sledding…in case anyone thinks it is only a dog park.

  2. Holly Wheeler

    I hope no sleds tip over into a pile of unclaimed poop.

  3. Just curious….if power repair crews come in from all over the country in anticipation of being needed for outages, are they hired in advance and paid for by CL&P? Or since there is no work, having made the trip speculating there would be work, do they go home empty handed and unpaid? Only wondering if this may change their mindset for traveling here for future forecasted storms.

  4. They will probably use them upstate. Gov Cuomo took all the machinery set for NYC and sent it to Long Island

  5. A former CL&P employee emailed me this explanation:

    Utilities scramble for crews as soon as a storm is on the horizon — most likely late Friday or early Saturday for the recent (and still ongoing) “storm of the century.”

    Tree crews are usually based in places like Texas, but work under contract across the country. Since this storm was forecast to affect points east and north of Ohio and Virginia, they may have been working in Kentucky or the Carolinas. They’d drive northeast behind the snow, arriving at the Athena Diner for lunch today. Or they could have been hired by UI, but with minimal outages in southwestern Connecticut, may have been getting fed prior to heading to NSTAR’s Cape Cod area (where 20,000-plus customers remaine out as of noon today).

    They move only if contracted by a local utility; they never just drive off hoping for work. Once all work is done they return to whatever job they had left before heading off for storm duty work. This is commonly called “mutual aid”: We’ll help you now restoring power and clearing trees; then when the next Hurricane Katrina or major F5 tornado nails my area, the New England utility will send line and tree crews to help us restore. They get fully paid for all time, materials, equipment, meals and lodging. It’s basic Storm Restoration 101.

  6. Sandy Soennichsen

    Did any people in town lose power during this snowstorm of the century?

  7. Remind: “The storm of the century” the century is only 14. Way younger than most of us? Personally not disappointed in the final outcome at all!