Locusts Attack Trader Joe’s

Alert “06880” reader Ed Paul headed to Trader Joe’s late today.

The pickings were slim.

Trader Joes collage - Ed Paul

Ed says, “it seems that everyone in town will be making omelettes, baking cakes and eating bread over the next few days. Thankfully, there’s still a little milk left to wash down the rest of the food.”

12 responses to “Locusts Attack Trader Joe’s

  1. Barbara Sherburne '67

    A friend of mine on Facebook posted a photo today of a bread aisle at Stop & Shop in Strafford, which was bare. I mean, really? I know it’s just me living here in my apartment, but I’d venture to say I have enough food for three weeks. My hope and sincere prayer is that this snow will not be as bad as the one in February 2013. That was basically a nightmare in terms of the town of Wallingford getting roads plowed. I hope they are better prepared this time around.

  2. Barbara Sherburne '67

    * snowstorm

  3. As long as we don’t lose power, we’ll be OK. I hope all that tree trimming they’ve been doing pays off.

  4. Oops! Did no food shop today……better get up real early tomorrow and do it…..even want to,stack up on bird food. Hope something is left in the stores??

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  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Hmmm, okay … I WAS planning to hit the grocery store tomorrow morning, but now wondering if it’s a moot point?

    Bread and dairy wasn’t on my list anyway, per say.
    I was thinking my apocalyptic pantry would perhaps consist of certain non-perishables, such as: lo-mein noodles, chick peas, trail bars, tortilla chips and salsa, cured meats, Jarlsberg (you can leave this stuff at room temp, like, forEVER), crackers, and … perhap some really good wine, and maybe some more wine, and perhaps some backup cheap wine, just in case. (Did I mention booze? Oh yes, indeedy, I surely did).

    Oh, and the requisite case, or two, of bottled water. You know, to Wash, Rinse, and Repeat.

    (Being catty here, for the most part … in case that didn’t translate well. But still, one can’t completely discount the booze factor during a storm, now can we? Ooops, not altogether a PC statement – let me digress ……….).

    Thanks again Dan for your timely journalism – too funny!

  6. Don’t forget to buy nuts.

  7. Arline P.Gertzoff

    I would describe Trader Joe’s as the Armageddon. At least nobody was fighting over the toilet paper.

  8. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    It’s just a plot cooked up between grocers and weather reporters. The weather people get a cut of the sold out sales at the grocery stores.

  9. Nuts, or not (only time will tell), I expect to see some glorious photos in the days to come. If I was expecting such an onslaught, I’d head on over to Sharon’s!
    p.s. Sharon, living in Trumbull, I’ve always wondered if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting an old friend, Betsy Rice?

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    Nancy – I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure, but the name sounds a bit familiar.