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Sidewalk Sale Opens. Sidewalk Closed.

Shoppers flocked to Main Street, the Post Road and Playhouse Square today, for the Westport Downtown Merchants’ Association’s annual sidewalk sale.

Meanwhile, pedestrians had a mini-nightmare on Elm Street:

No worries. There are plenty of bargains to be had on the many open sidewalks throughout downtown.

And next year — when the Elm Street sidewalk is finished, and the new retail building is filled — there will be one more addition to the sale.

Sidewalks Still On Sale

Every year around this time, I trot out the same lame joke. It’s Sidewalk Sale time downtown, so I say: “Why would anyone want to buy a sidewalk?”


This year though, I was all set to tee up a new version. With Main Street sidewalks torn up in the midst of a renovation project, I thought I’d say:
“Times are so tough, you can’t even buy a sidewalk now.”


Sidewalk_SaleFortunately for the Westport Downtown Merchants Association — if not for my “humor” — this weekend’s Sidewalk Sale should go just ducky. Construction will not force racks of clothes and women’s shoes onto the road. They’ll stay right where they belong: on the sidewalk.

Both sides of Main Street are open for business. And if you don’t find what you want, just keep shopping the old-fashioned way.


(The Sidewalk Sale is set for Friday through Sunday, July 10-12, on Main Street and surrounding areas.)

Sidewalk Sale Madness

If you had a tough time finding a parking spot downtown today, there are 2  reasons why:

  1. It was the 1st day of Sidewalk Sales. Shoppers swarmed outdoor tables, looking for bargains.
  2. The always-packed Brooks Corner lot was closed.

Brooks Corner

The only plausible reason for 2) above is 1).

But that makes no sense — unless the owner of the lot feared that, Westport drivers being who they are, they would carelessly plow into all those shoppers in front of Brooks Corner stores.

But — surprise! — there were fewer shoppers there than anywhere else on Main Street.

Can anyone guess why?

(Hat tip to Sheila Flinn for the story idea and photo.)


The Sidewalks Of Westport

Westport Sidewalk Sale

Playhouse Square’s Sidewalk Sale runs tomorrow through Sunday (above); the downtown Sidewalk Sale starts Friday.

In this tough economy, I bet you can buy a sidewalk for a song.