Sidewalks Still On Sale

Every year around this time, I trot out the same lame joke. It’s Sidewalk Sale time downtown, so I say: “Why would anyone want to buy a sidewalk?”


This year though, I was all set to tee up a new version. With Main Street sidewalks torn up in the midst of a renovation project, I thought I’d say:
“Times are so tough, you can’t even buy a sidewalk now.”


Sidewalk_SaleFortunately for the Westport Downtown Merchants Association — if not for my “humor” — this weekend’s Sidewalk Sale should go just ducky. Construction will not force racks of clothes and women’s shoes onto the road. They’ll stay right where they belong: on the sidewalk.

Both sides of Main Street are open for business. And if you don’t find what you want, just keep shopping the old-fashioned way.


(The Sidewalk Sale is set for Friday through Sunday, July 10-12, on Main Street and surrounding areas.)

2 responses to “Sidewalks Still On Sale

  1. Dan, you’re a funny guy…ta-daa!

  2. Judi Koffsky

    So quite a number of decades ago my mother mentioned that she was going to the sidewalk sale. My then five year old daughter exclaimed, “oh Nanny , that’s just what I need! A sidewalk so I can roller skate”. We lived out in the country. Judi Koffsky. Westport

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