Sidewalk Sale Madness

If you had a tough time finding a parking spot downtown today, there are 2  reasons why:

  1. It was the 1st day of Sidewalk Sales. Shoppers swarmed outdoor tables, looking for bargains.
  2. The always-packed Brooks Corner lot was closed.

Brooks Corner

The only plausible reason for 2) above is 1).

But that makes no sense — unless the owner of the lot feared that, Westport drivers being who they are, they would carelessly plow into all those shoppers in front of Brooks Corner stores.

But — surprise! — there were fewer shoppers there than anywhere else on Main Street.

Can anyone guess why?

(Hat tip to Sheila Flinn for the story idea and photo.)


5 responses to “Sidewalk Sale Madness

  1. Sandy Soennichsen

    I just got back from downtown, Oscar’s actually, and viewed the madness. There didn’t seem to be as many people shopping as in past years, and it was interesting seeing the stores selling a lot of the items that they yet have been unable to sell. Be that as it may. However, we were thoroughly entertained watching people drive and park: people making Uturns right on Main St (which they do constantly anyway and the local constabulary seems to allow it) to get those miraculous free parking spaces on the other side of the road, and people trying to parallel park, which apparently is an art that is no longer taught in driver’s ed and which is not tested for when one goes to get a license. So if you have to go up on the sidewalk, so be it, and if you have to bump into the car in front and the one behind, so be it, and if you park 6 inches from the car in front, so be it, they probably don’t want to get out anyway, and the people that do this are entitled because they are in Westport and especially if they drive premium vehicles. The more expensive the car, the higher the level of entitlement. A woman driving a Mercedes 550 is absolutely more entitled than the man driving a Honda Accord, so be it.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Ha hahahaha! And, LOL.
      But hey, we can’t all knock entitlement behavior EVERY day. Stupid driving and stupid parking is, as does. But you never know if those who are “parking challenged” are not also big philanthropists for seriously worthy causes, or in general, just pretty normal or cool people, who incidentally suck at spacial judgement (poking fun of course, as we never know for sure).
      One of my super awesome friends had MS, and her driving was scary, and parking decidedly tricky and questionable. (This was in early stages of the disease, where one could still function in normal activities of life). So, I guess I have a soft spot for the “benefit of the doubt” with seemingly careless people. No excuse though for the bonefide jerks out there!!

  2. Don Bergmann

    My wife was downtown this morning and also noted the rather crazy efforts people were going through to find a parking space. She then checked out the Imperial Avenue Parking lot and saw that there were ample spaces there. We all have to learn to do a little walking and not try to go through hoops, such as going around and around a parking lot in search of the perfect spot. Why anyone would be reluctant to walk from the Imperial Avenue Parking lot on a day as perfect as today is beyond me.
    Don Bergmann