They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: A GOOD Westport Parking Story

And one involving a BMW, no less.

At first glance, this looks simple enough: A car parked where it’s supposed to be:

Charging station

But alert “06880” reader Ernest Lorimer — who spotted this, and sent along the photo — provides an intriguing back story:

For several years, Lot #1 at the Westport train station has had a charging station.  Every time I’ve passed by, it’s been blocked in by non-electrics, usually Jeeps.  They would have lots of spaces just a step away, but no.

This morning, there was a hybrid charging there! It was the 1st time I’ve ever seen it. I prefer to think that anyone there first was thoughtful enough to keep it open.

Or maybe it was just a case of the early bird gets the cord.

Meanwhile, file this one away for posterity. We may never see it again.


3 responses to “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: A GOOD Westport Parking Story

  1. Matt Murray

    That’s not just a hybrid, it’s the BMWi3. It’s an all electric vehicle. I test drove one at BMW of Darien two weeks ago. Incredible torque. The regenerative braking really kicks in when you let off the accelerator pedal (notice I didn’t say “gas”). I believe there is a $5,000 tax credit available on it. Please very green in the materials used in it and recycle it when done. It is however a little “butt ugly.” 🙂

    • Ernie Lorimer

      $45 grand! Far cry from the ’66 bug I bought for $200 to park at the station in the 70s.


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