A Good Westport Parking Story: The (Unfortunate) Sequel

Earlier today, “06880” posted a rare good parking story: An electric vehicle was actually able to find a spot by the railroad charging station.

Not so fast.

Ernest Lorimer — the alert “06880” reader who sent in the original photo and story — provides this afternoon update:

charging station - 2

Seems the owner of the BMWi3 didn’t have a parking sticker.

So while he got a free charge today, he also got a ticket.

Westport is a green town, sure. But also a very tough one.


6 responses to “A Good Westport Parking Story: The (Unfortunate) Sequel

  1. Why a surprise to anyone? Use to give u a warning.

  2. Dan – the “ticket” is most likely a $5 daily parking slip. It just looks like a ticket.
    Avi Kaner
    Second Selectman

    • Ernie Lorimer

      Gee, I hope not. There are no $5 spots in lot 1. If you can park in the permit-only spots for that, we’ll be overrun. I thought you got a $25 restricted zone ticket.

  3. Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

    Why, why, why must these endless parking stories be a hot topic here on “06880” when this energy could be used to help save a child (i.e. the above post)?
    And before I get criticism for my comment, I actually have funded schools in a less fortunate part of our world, and will continue to do so. Heck, I even give money to the Staples Tuition Fund.

    Do you “06880”?

    – Nancy Hunter Wilson

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      I don’t think they’re about the parking as much as a general lack of respect and the decline of decorum as a matter of course.
      We should all endeavor to assist those in need, as well as encourage behavior that isn’t completely narcissistic and entitled.

      • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

        Thank you, Elizabeth. Well said.
        When a solution to entitled behaviour is found, a peace prize will undoubtedly be awarded.
        Why not ignore these simple, everyday annoyances in the meantime, and pay more attention to the not-so-simple issues at hand.

        – Nancy Hunter Wilson