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Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #99

Westport is a waterfront community. But usually we think of Compo Beach, the Saugatuck River, maybe Sherwood Mill Pond.

Last week’s photo challenge was a gorgeous shot of one of Westport’s most underappreciated gems: Nash’s Pond. Taken from Blind Brook Road by Peter Tulupman, it showed trees reflecting a fall scene. But any time of year, Nash’s is lovely and lively.

Dorothy Giannone, Barbara Sherburne, Dan Herman, Joyce Barnhart, Kathryn Sirico, Bruce J. Kent, Sharon Paulsen, Dorothy Fincher, Jeff Giannone and Katherine Golomb — most of whom live on or near the pond — knew instantly where Peter found his photo. Click here to see it, and read all the guesses.

Seth Schachter sends along this week’s challenge. Once again, it’s a fall beauty.


If you think you’ve spotted this somewhere in Westport, click “Comments” below.

Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #98

Peter Tulupman uncovered a hidden Westport gem: The walking paths on the Baron’s South property.

Ed Bloch, Michael Calise, Seth Schachter, Zoe Kassis and Christopher Buckley all knew that one of those paths was shown in last week’s photo challenge.

You can see them too. Just wander in off South Compo or Imperial Avenue. Or click here, for a cyberview.

Peter also sent in this week’s photo challenge:


If you know where you’d see this gorgeous scene, click “Comments” below.

Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #66

What did “06880” give you for Easter?

The easiest photo challenge ever.

A record 28 readers knew — without looking up from their holiday dinner — that last week’s photo by Lynn U. Miller showed the original (1908) Westport Public Library, on the Post Road between Main Street and Parker Harder Plaza.

Some people called it the Freshii building. Some called it Starbucks, or a bank. But every single person was correct.

Martin Gitlin was 1st, 3 minutes after the challenge appeared. He was followed quickly by Jeff Giannone, Seth Schachter, Joyce Barnhart, Rebecca Bruno, Rebecca Wolin, Jerry MacDaid, Jody Brown, Elisabeth Rose, Barbara Sherburne, Karen Kramer, Jill Turner Odice, Michelle Saunders, Robert Mitchell, Bobbie Herman, Linda Amos, Jacques Voris, James Weisz, Paul Chapman, Vanessa Bradford, Ellen Gibson, Cindy Zuckerbrod, Michael Calise, Mary Cookman Schmerker, Susan Huppi, Bert Reisman, Brandon Malin and Daniel Souza.

Congratulations to all. Click here to see this softball of a challenge.

This week’s photo is (I hope) a lot tougher. If you know where it is — and what it is — click “Comments” below. Put on your thinking cap — the holiday’s over!

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #61

Pat Saviano, Jill Turner Odice, Bob Grant and Tom Wall know their cops.

It took Pat just 5 minutes — and the other 3 not much longer — to correctly identify last week’s photo challenge as a plaque dedicated to former Westport Police Captain Eugene Pasacreta. It’s located in the park bearing his name, on the Saugatuck River directly across Riverside Avenue from the current Saugatuck Elementary School (formerly Bedford Junior and Middle Highs, and before that, Staples High).

Former (and longtime) police officer Dick Alley added plenty of great background information on his onetime colleague. Click here for the photo and all comments.

Now: Whose woods these are, I think I know.

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Well, actually, I’m sure I do. Photographer Peter Tulupman told me where they are.

Hopefully, some of you do too. If you think you can identify this spot, click “Comments” below. Happy trails!

Snow Day!

Westport students received an unexpected day off from school today.

It wasn’t a blizzard — just a very pretty snowfall.

If you didn’t have to go out, it was a nice start to the weekend.

Even if you had to get on a train, it was not so bad:

(Photo/Siobhan Crise)

(Photo/Siobhan Crise)

For others, it’s a day for beauty. But not for sitting in the garden…

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

…or a hot tub.

(Photo/Ellen Wentworth)

(Photo/Ellen Wentworth)

First Fall

Peter Tulupman and his family moved here recently, from Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. This is their 1st New England autumn.

Peter says, “While we may be past peak color, it has been glorious. I’m in awe of the beauty.”

He sends along this shot of Nash’s Pond — one of his favorite new spots.

It too is glorious.

Hover or click on to enlarge. (Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Hover or click on to enlarge. (Photo/Peter Tulupman)