Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #66

What did “06880” give you for Easter?

The easiest photo challenge ever.

A record 28 readers knew — without looking up from their holiday dinner — that last week’s photo by Lynn U. Miller showed the original (1908) Westport Public Library, on the Post Road between Main Street and Parker Harder Plaza.

Some people called it the Freshii building. Some called it Starbucks, or a bank. But every single person was correct.

Martin Gitlin was 1st, 3 minutes after the challenge appeared. He was followed quickly by Jeff Giannone, Seth Schachter, Joyce Barnhart, Rebecca Bruno, Rebecca Wolin, Jerry MacDaid, Jody Brown, Elisabeth Rose, Barbara Sherburne, Karen Kramer, Jill Turner Odice, Michelle Saunders, Robert Mitchell, Bobbie Herman, Linda Amos, Jacques Voris, James Weisz, Paul Chapman, Vanessa Bradford, Ellen Gibson, Cindy Zuckerbrod, Michael Calise, Mary Cookman Schmerker, Susan Huppi, Bert Reisman, Brandon Malin and Daniel Souza.

Congratulations to all. Click here to see this softball of a challenge.

This week’s photo is (I hope) a lot tougher. If you know where it is — and what it is — click “Comments” below. Put on your thinking cap — the holiday’s over!

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

14 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #66

  1. Wild guess this is the transfer station on the connector…

  2. Edward Bloch

    Close-up of the Rolnick Observatory on Bayberry Lane.

    • Close — but not quite. It’s the abandoned Nike missile control tower NEXT to the observatory!

      • Laz - Dan Lasley

        Unless someone painted the Rolnick tower, they are very close to identical except on top.

  3. Dick Lowenstein

    Former Terex building on Post Road currently swathed in under-construction fabric.

  4. Old Nike radar site at Rolnick observatory hill

  5. Old Nike site?

  6. Sharon Paulseb

    Old Nike site.

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Crud, I misspelled my own last name before. Sheesh, fricken iPhone.

  8. Yes – the abandoned missile control tower at the old Nike site on Bayberry Lane — next to the Rolnick Observatory.

  9. The sheds at the public works dept

  10. Is it that awful building in Saugatuck, between the park and the cleaners?

  11. okay I should have read the comments first. FYI, there’s a public tour of the observatory on Tuesday 10:00 as the lease if coming before the Board of Finance on Wednesday

  12. Rolnick Observatory