Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #99

Westport is a waterfront community. But usually we think of Compo Beach, the Saugatuck River, maybe Sherwood Mill Pond.

Last week’s photo challenge was a gorgeous shot of one of Westport’s most underappreciated gems: Nash’s Pond. Taken from Blind Brook Road by Peter Tulupman, it showed trees reflecting a fall scene. But any time of year, Nash’s is lovely and lively.

Dorothy Giannone, Barbara Sherburne, Dan Herman, Joyce Barnhart, Kathryn Sirico, Bruce J. Kent, Sharon Paulsen, Dorothy Fincher, Jeff Giannone and Katherine Golomb — most of whom live on or near the pond — knew instantly where Peter found his photo. Click here to see it, and read all the guesses.

Seth Schachter sends along this week’s challenge. Once again, it’s a fall beauty.


If you think you’ve spotted this somewhere in Westport, click “Comments” below.

18 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #99

  1. Side door entrance to the kitchen of the WYWL off imperial

  2. So, what was that pond on North Avenue called that we played hockey on weather permitting? And rescued dogs that fell in when it wasn’t/

    • Sherwood Mill? We skated/played hockey on our small pond behind our Sturges Hwy house (and rescued dogs from other ponds/streams in the neighborhood). I also remember skating on a tributary of the Saugatuck.

  3. Is that Adams Academy?
    Leigh gage

  4. Ralph J Widmann

    Back stairs of the of the Old Mill Inn

  5. Vanessa Bradford

    Possibly the now defunct Three Bears Inn?

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    I was thinking this could be one of the back entrances to the Saugatuck Congregational.

    But, don’t know if the fire ruined that part of the building also, so I could be way off on this.

    It was “my church” for a number of years, back in 70’s/80’s, on and off. Also took pre-school there – that was an amazing program (from a tot’s point of view, LOL).

  7. Is that blue duct tape holding the wheel together? Didn’t the pioneers roll that tape over the prairie?

  8. Adams Academy side door

  9. Leigh and Linda, you’re both right. it’s Adams Academy, on North Morningside. Seth Schachter, who took the photo, sends along this info, taken largely from the Westport Historical Society’s website:

    “The formidable Ebenezer Adams ran his private Academy from 1837-1867 offering a comprehensive classical curriculum. The academy was a highly regarded educational institute and a credit to the Town. Adams had purchased an existing academy from the Greens Farms Congregational Church after graduating from Yale University.

    “He attracted hundreds of students from near and far, the majority of whom continued on to Yale, his alma mater. Many of his students, including E. T. Bedford, went on to attain fame and fortune. Bedford founded the Karo Sugar Company and helped contribute the building of the Westport Library, the YMCA and funds for public schools. Another Adams Academy graduate, William Marcey was United States President Franklin Pierce’s Secretary of State.”

  10. I know exactly where it is because I put it there and it belongs to me!
    I wont give it away, but thanks for reminding me!