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Pic Of The Day #2355

Today’s weather was not as wild as New York’s. 

Still, it was pretty bad. And very wet. 

This was the scene where Stony Brook Creek rushes out of Nash’s Pond, on its way to the Saugatuck River.

Despite a high tide (and near full moon) earlier, it did not overflow its banks. It’s a well looked-after dam and waterway, reports Dan Nash.

(Photo/Jo Shields Sherman)

Pic Of The Day #2208

Stony Brook flows into Nash’s Pond, at Blind Brook Road South. (Photo/Neva Alsheik)

Pic Of The Day #2151

Nash’s Pond (Photo/Rowene Weems Photography)

Pic Of The Day #2056

Nash’s Pond sunrise (Photo/Trish Freeman)

Pics Of The Day #2008

Reflections on the lake at Mayflower Parkway at Richard Drive … (Photo/Amy Schneider)

… and Nash’s Pond (Photo/Linda Stern)

Pic Of The Day #1659

Nash’s Pond (Photo/Linda Stern)

Photo Challenge #348

The manmade structure looks like the old telephone switching station on Myrtle Avenue, opposite Sconset Square. Deadman’s Brook flows past it.

But readers who thought that was the answer to last week’s Photo Challenge did not look closely, at the waterfall in the background.

There’s no waterfall near downtown. But there is at one end of Nash’s Pond. Peter Tulupman’s photo showed he spillway near the dam and former icehouse, at Kings Highway North. (Click here to see.)

From there the water flows as Stony Brook, underneath Post Road West. It re-emerges at Sylvan Road and Riverside Avenue, where it empties into the Saugatuck River.

Elaine Marino, Diane Silfen, Jalna Jaeger, Eric Bosch, Bobbie Herman, Wendy Cusick, Dave Brown, Dave Eason, Lynn Untermeyer Miller and Derek Fuchs all knew the Nash’s Pond answer.

So did Kristan M. Nash. Then again, she should!

Can she — or anyone — guess this week’s Photo Challenge?  If you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments.”

(Photo/Dick Lowenstein)


Kid Gloves And Nash’s Barn: The Sequel

This morning’s post about Kid Gloves — the boxing gym where heavyweight boxer Floyd Patterson once trained — offered a fascinating look back at a brief, forgotten piece of Westport history.

It also contained one error. The Nash’s Barn building on Kings Highway North — behind what was once the Small Car Company, and most recently was Dragone Classic Motorcars — was not torn down.

The Revolutionary War-era structure still stands. It’s now home to Nice Threads, a custom logo-wear and promotional products company.

Nash’s Barn today … (Photo/Kris Nash)

The owner is Tim Nash — a descendant of the original property owner (for whom the nearby pond is also named). The family has owned the barn since 1784.

The barn has undergone many incarnations. Thanks to the stewardship of the Nash family, it will likely see many more.

… and in 1952.

(Hat tips: John Terpening and Kris Nash)

Pics Of The Day #968

Compo Beach, in this morning’s snow … (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

… and Nash’s Pond (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

… and Ford Road (Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

Pics Of The Day #963

This morning’s spectacular sunrise, as seen from Nash’s Pond … (Photo/Tricia Freeman)

… and looking out over Compo Cove … (Photo/Matt Murray)

… and Cross Highway (Photo/Mark Yurkiw)