Pic Of The Day #2355

Today’s weather was not as wild as New York’s. 

Still, it was pretty bad. And very wet. 

This was the scene where Stony Brook Creek rushes out of Nash’s Pond, on its way to the Saugatuck River.

Despite a high tide (and near full moon) earlier, it did not overflow its banks. It’s a well looked-after dam and waterway, reports Dan Nash.

(Photo/Jo Shields Sherman)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #2355

  1. Great photo! Would love if people shared some more town pics during this storm!

    • I felt fairly daring taking that photo, Gracine, particularly mindful of where my feet were! It was a fast moving noisy torrent, and if that wasn’t enough water, there was heavy rain. Getting to talk to Dan Nash about his family history and learning the name of that “creek”? A plus, and worth testing my rain jacket waterproofing! Thanks for running the pic, Dan Woog. And keeping us all in the know in so many ways

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