First Fall

Peter Tulupman and his family moved here recently, from Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. This is their 1st New England autumn.

Peter says, “While we may be past peak color, it has been glorious. I’m in awe of the beauty.”

He sends along this shot of Nash’s Pond — one of his favorite new spots.

It too is glorious.

Hover or click on to enlarge. (Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Hover or click on to enlarge. (Photo/Peter Tulupman)

7 responses to “First Fall

  1. Jill Nash von Schmidt

    Great picture. It made me smile this morning, remembering fall around the pond. Thanks for posting. 😊

  2. Kendall Anderson


  3. Gorgeous shot! Is Peter a photog by trade?

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Terrific image! I mean … really good!

    Glad to see newbie’s jump right into the essence of Westport via creative means and on the 06880 forum.

    Brings back skating memories with grade school friends. Good times, way back. 😎

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Sharon, so glad you write about skating memories! My dad put lights on our pond (Sturges Hwy) so that we could skate at night!
      Whether on a frozen pond or river stream, skating is tops!

      The photo above reminds me of endless hours raking leaves… in the days when burning leaves was acceptable…”Incredible Journey”, too!

      • Sharon Paulsen

        Nancy, smiling here!!

        Cue up 🎼 some Charlie Brown (Vince Guaraldi Trio) “Skating” music! ⛸

        And yup, that scent of burning leaves, pine cones and sap, and fireplaces, off in the distance somewhere, while playing/skating outdoors as a kid – priceless – love it.

        A bit wax-poetic – but, it’s timeless to me!