Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #61

Pat Saviano, Jill Turner Odice, Bob Grant and Tom Wall know their cops.

It took Pat just 5 minutes — and the other 3 not much longer — to correctly identify last week’s photo challenge as a plaque dedicated to former Westport Police Captain Eugene Pasacreta. It’s located in the park bearing his name, on the Saugatuck River directly across Riverside Avenue from the current Saugatuck Elementary School (formerly Bedford Junior and Middle Highs, and before that, Staples High).

Former (and longtime) police officer Dick Alley added plenty of great background information on his onetime colleague. Click here for the photo and all comments.

Now: Whose woods these are, I think I know.

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

Well, actually, I’m sure I do. Photographer Peter Tulupman told me where they are.

Hopefully, some of you do too. If you think you can identify this spot, click “Comments” below. Happy trails!

12 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #61

  1. Longshore Golf course!

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  2. The beauty of this scene is that it practically could have been taken in many locales around Westport.

  3. Aspatuck River by twin bridges?

  4. This is the wetlands in the Patrick rd/white barn/nature center (earth place)

  5. Looks like my backyard but I’ll say Partrick Wetlands!

  6. nature center

  7. Earthplace. Our favorite hike site.

  8. Fred is correct. The minute I saw this my thoughts and brain map went All over Westport!
    I’ll share my first memory hits:
    Earthplace (Nature Center) Woodside Ave/Stony Brook Rd area
    Old Hill/Partrick Rd (Partrick Wetlands)
    Crawford Rd area
    Post Rd across the street from cemetery/Whole Foods just over Norwalk/Westport line another angle of this just past Marion Rd on the right the wetlands
    Round Pond of Compo Rd South
    Grey’s Pond in the area where Mr Sterlings oyster boat seen from either Longshore property, Compo Rd, Owenoke Park (that little pennisula with a bunch of houses where Mr and Mrs Sugarman lived)
    Let’s try those either I’m Hot, Lukewarm or Stone cold!
    We might need a hit of Northern, Eastern, Western, Southern part of Westport 🙂

  9. Nash’s Pond which is the area of StonyBrook Rd, Woodside Ave, Kings Highway where the old mill/Playground equipment.

  10. White Barn Theatre area Cranbury, Partrick, Newtown Ave/Tpke
    Or Sylvan Rd North area
    Westport is full of Wetlands!

  11. Wow – VERY impressive. I wasn’t sure anyone would get this. It is indeed Earthplace (former Nature Center). WELL DONE!

  12. Cool! My first memory hit was Hot!
    Congrats to Rich, Laura and Evan!

    (I also love traveling the back roads and roads less traveled makes moving around Norwalk, Westport and Fairfield more fun and educational. Along with our Northern neighbors Weston, Wilton, Easton etc…)