Cake Box Comes To Town. Sweet!

The dessert gods have once again smiled on Bay Street.

Five Nearly two years after Michele’s Pies closed, The Cake Box has opened. Just a few yards away — across the road, in space formerly occupied by a hair salon — Westport’s newest bakery is already drawing raves.

It opened Friday, in response to local customers who drove all the way to Ridgefield for the delicious goods at the Cake Box there. (Owners Jordan Gregory and Robert Byrnes also operate Ridgefield Swoon, a gluten- and nut-free version of the store, with vegan options.)

Managers Greg Neil and Olivia Horne — she’s a 2008 Staples grad — get daily deliveries from the Ridgefield kitchen. Among the items: specialty cupcakes, cookies, brownies and tea loaves. Some are gluten-free.

Cake Box 2

My favorite so far: the stracciatella cupcake (vanilla with chocolate chips, and light buttercream frosting).

Greg says sea salt adds special flavor to many items.

What? No cakes at The Cake Box?

Not yet. They’re coming soon.

For now, customers can order cakes to be delivered here.

Word of mouth — about mouth-watering goodies — travels fast.

“It’s been incredibly positive,” Olivia says. “I’ve never seen any place so well received.”

The Cake Box is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They’ll extend their hours to 8 p.m. this summer.

That will be an added treat.

The Cake Box has opened at 10 Bay Street.

The Cake Box has opened at 10 Bay Street.

6 responses to “Cake Box Comes To Town. Sweet!

  1. Armelle Daniels

    Can’t wait to try their GF options!

  2. My first glance at the headline, I thought it said the “Clam Box”, and I got all excited. Good luck with the bakery.

  3. Dayle brownstein

    These are beautiful and very tasty treats. And, what I liked most of all is how friendly and helpful the staff is. That always plays a big part in my becoming a repeat customer, as well as spreading a good word to others.

  4. Fred Cantor

    I stopped by this afternoon and got a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, which was outstanding. They had some other fabulous-looking gluten-free options as well. Two thumbs up!

  5. Randy Gelman

    Great place. And Greg and Olivia are really nice, and very accommodating.
    btw…Micheles Pies has only been gone from Westport about a year or so.