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Friday Flashback #185

July 4th fireworks, 2019 and earlier. Before “social distancing” entered our vocabulary.

Those were the days!

(Photo/John Kantor)

(Photo/Dan Woog)

(Photo/Dan Woog)

(Photo/Rick Benson)

(Photo/Dan Woog)

(Photo/Rick Benson)

July 3!

Last year, some hard-to-please Westporters bitched and moaned because the 4th of July fireworks were held on June 30th.

Folks have complained about July 1 and 2 dates too.

There are several reasons why we can’t do fireworks on July 4. But this year we’ve got the next best thing.

The 2017 show — produced by Westport PAL, sponsored by Melissa & Doug, with fireworks from the great Gruccis — are scheduled for Monday, July 3.

Tickets for the 61st annual event go on sale tomorrow (Thursday, June 1). They’re available — first-come, first-serve — at the Police Department (50 Jesup Road) and the Parks and Rec  office (Longshore, across from the 1st tee).

Westporters also sometimes bitch and moan that the cost is $35 per car. Well, proceeds fund a ton of PAL programs. And the entire evening is unrivaled for fun, and a community feeling.

Oh, yeah: The rain date is Wednesday, July 5.

We’ve got the 4th surrounded.

Westport’s fireworks, as seen from Hillspoint Road.


The Morning After

We’ve seen the rockets’ red glare. The bombs bursting in air.

We’ve left our beach chairs, tents, flip flops and food in the Compo Beach sand.

But Westport’s Parks and Rec crew is up to the task. They see our garbage, and in a fantastic show of coordination, energy and grit they remove it.

Betsy P. Kahn was up at 6 this morning. She lives on the shore, and took her regular dawn walk. Today, she brought her camera. Here’s what she saw:

Cleanup flag - Betsy P Kahn

Cleanup 1 - Betsy P Kahn

Cleanup - more seagulls - Betsy P Kahn

Cleanup seagulls pavilion - Betsy P Kahn

Cleanup sparklers - Betsy P Kahn

Cleanup - Parks and Rec - Betsy P Kahn

Cleanup seagulls - Betsy P Kahn

Meanwhile, here are 2 more looks back at the night before the morning after:

Cleanup - 19 Soundview

(All photos/Betsy P. Kahn)

(All photos/Betsy P. Kahn)


It Doesn’t Just Clean Itself

Last night, Compo Beach was jam-packed. Over 10,000 people crammed every available picnic table, wall and grain of sand to watch the fireworks.

They spent plenty of time eating, drinking and playing too.

When it was over, they left. And left behind literally tons of trash. Food, bottles, shoes, umbrellas, beach chairs, beach toys — the beach was, to use the technical term, a “f—in’ mess.”

By 8 this morning — just a few hours after the last revelers left their “stuff” — the beach was perfect. Pristine. Ready for another day of illegal table-saving:

cleanup ABut it didn’t just happen. Dozens of Parks & Rec employees worked feverishly to get Compo ship-shape. They picked up garbage. They hauled it away. And they groomed the sand.

Compo Beach cleanup

Compo Beach cleanup

Stuart McCarthy, Dan DeVito and the entire Parks & Rec Department do a fantastic job all year. The post-fireworks transformation may be their most remarkable feat of all.

The next time you see those guys (and gals), give them a thumb’s-up. Or thank them.

You might even offer them a cold one.

Water, that is. They’re on the job!