Happy June 29th!

The date doesn’t matter.

Whenever Westport celebrates July 4th, we do it right.

It wouldn’t be the fireworks without Andrew Colabella.

Once again — thanks to the generosity of Melissa and Doug Bernstein; the hard work of Westport PAL, Parks & Recreation Department, Police, Fire and EMS — several thousand Westporters and friends enjoyed the best night of the year.

Doug and Melissa Bernstein sponsor the fireworks — so that Westport PAL can make money, to support thousands of youth programs and scholarships.

The ghost chairs — empty all day — were filled by late afternoon. There was plenty of food and drink; lots of sparklers and red-white-and-blue apparel, and only a few lost kids.

The fireworks — the finale — were just part of the party.

The barge, ready for the show.

And now we’ve got 5 more days to celebrate our nation’s independence.

One party, among hundreds.

PS: After all that, the beach was immaculate at dawn today. Kudos to all the Parks & Rec employees — and anyone else who made it happen.

Parks & Rec employees worked hard, all day long — and all night too.

Arm candy. (Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

One of several PAL stands …

… and CJ Healy and Case Robinson set up their own stand, to raise money to build basketball courts in Cuba.

Not all the Grucci fireworks workers were on the barge. These guys took a break from working on shore.

There were parties on Soundview Drive …

… an impromptu meeting of town leaders …

,,, and a chat between Jane Green and Michael Bregman.

Not far from a massive volleyball game …

… EMTs stood ready.

It wouldn’t be the fireworks without some fun on the sand …

… and on the lifeguard stand. (All photos/Dan Woog)

3 responses to “Happy June 29th!

  1. Jonathan Prager

    Fireworks are, well, fireworks.

    What makes Westport’s 4th of July celebration wondrous is the festive, frolicking, fiesta-like atmosphere and camaraderie of families freely flowing to Compo and enjoying one another, the beach and the beauty.

    Though with this year’s precedent, next year’s rejoicing will likely be scheduled for before Memorial Day, this year’s June 29th stands out as an extraordinary day of unity, good feeling, and gratitude for the privilege of living in a free country in which freedom and rule of law encourage the human spirit to reign supreme.

  2. charles taylor

    Great coverage Danny!!!

  3. DorothyRobertshaw

    Fabulous pictures as always Dan spectacular weather. How lucky are we thank you for all that you do for the community. 👩🏼‍🎤❤️💥