With Fireworks Off, PAL Needs Pals

As chair of Westport’s Board of Finance, Brian Stern watches Westport’s dollars carefully.

But as a longtime Westporter, he knows the importance of funding to organizations that make our town a wonderful place to live. He writes:

Like most Westporters, I was disappointed to hear that (for very good reasons),  the July 4th fireworks are off again this year.

It was the correct public health decision — but it comes at a cost to the Police Athletic League.

The fireworks display is their major fundraising event, and it has now been canceled for the second consecutive year. In addition, the PAL suffered a serious loss from this winter’s revenue at the Longshore skating rink, which they also sponsor.

Westport PAL suffered a severe hit from COVID this year. (Photo/Michael Wisner)

The funding gap for these  events  is about $165,000.

The PAL is a wonderful institution. It provides  youth programs in a wide variety of sports and outdoor pastimes. It particularly tries to support families that, for whatever reason, cannot afford these important activities.

In order to keep the momentum of this fabulous organization rolling, I encourage all Westporters to join me in sending whatever amount you feel comfortable. Click here to donate online, or send a check to the Police Athletic League: 50 Jesup Road, Westport, CT 06880.

To learn more about the PAL click here.

4 responses to “With Fireworks Off, PAL Needs Pals

  1. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    Jim Marpe / First Selectman Westport CT
    Jennifer Tooker Second Selectman Westport, CT
    You guys CHECK the science
    and you will go out with a BANG!!

    Jennifer Tooker and Andra Moore
    Check the science and you will win
    with a very large EXPLOSION!!

    Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

  2. Rich Vogel

    I’m always pleased to help the PAL by supporting and and helping to underpin the events that they sponsor. That said, I’m not keen on just giving hand outs. Bring on the fireworks and the skating rink and I’ll be there along with my money.

  3. Edward Bonaham

    So we can have the parade but not the fireworks? Mokay.

    Best thing to do is have events on, and let people decide for themselves if they feel safe attending or not.

  4. Lee Bollert

    Good reminder, Brian! Thanks.