Roundup: Hook’d (Hard To Believe, Again) …

The Comments section of “06880” have been filled with Hook’d-bashing.

It started with a complaint about the Compo Beach concessionaire’s running out of food, random and unposted hours, and general corporate lack of care for customers.

Readers added their own experiences. Several noted that the situation was just as bad at Hook’d’s other 2 locations: the Longshore pool and halfway house.

But that was the equivalent of forgetting you asked for extra ketchup, compared to yesterday.

It was July 4th — probably the most important day of any summer. Spectacular weather brought huge crowds.

Yet at 4:30 p.m. — with the temperature 80 degrees, dozens of people in the pool, and many more playing tennis nearby — the concession stand was shut.

The windows were closed. The door was locked. No one was inside.

(Photo/Clark Thiemann)

Nothing says “We don’t care” more than that.

I’m not sure what Hook’d’s contract with the town says about being open on the biggest day of the year.

But it seems we’ve been reeled in by them too long.

Time to give Hook’d the hook.


If you missed the June 30th fireworks at Compo — or just wished you could see pyrotechnics on the actual 4th of July — and were at the beach last night, you were in luck.

Towns all along Long Island’s North Shore of Long Island fired them off. So did a few towns on the Connecticut coast, to the west.

Fred Cantor captured this true July 4th fireworks view:

(Photo/Fred Cantor)


Eric Chiang is July’s guest exhibitor at the Westport Book Shop.

The Jesup Green store features the oil painting “Moon Light Sonata,” from his Musical Planet series. He delves into weighty issues of human connection and the meaning of existence, showcasing loneliness, desperation, love and hope.

Chiang’s work has been exhibited from MoCA Westport and Silvermine to Texas and Taiwan. Concurrently with the Book Shop show, his Westport Library exhibit runs through July 14.

Chiang’s piece will be on exhibit at the Book Shop through July 31, 2022.

Eric Chiang, at the Westport Book Shop.


Speaking of art: A plastic surgeon walks into a coffee bar, and shows his works.

That’s the story this Sunday (July 10, 4 to 7 p.m.). Dr, Jeffrey Rosenthal hosts a reception for his work at Steam, on Railroad Place.

He’s displayed his colorful paintings and photos previously throughout Fairfield County — and in New York and Europe. The show is open now during business hours, through September 12.

Art by Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal.


Longtime resident Tom Lowrie took today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo a few days ago, in his back yard. It’s an ephemeral — but always beautiful — early summer sight.

(Photo/Tom Lowrie)


And finally … on this date in 1954, Elvis Presley recorded his first single, “That’s All Right,” at Sun Records in Memphis.

The world was never the same.

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12 responses to “Roundup: Hook’d (Hard To Believe, Again) …

  1. Peter Marks

    Let’s see how long Parks and Rec takes to fire them. Oh that might be too much trouble

  2. India Van Voorhees

    So, how do we go about giving Hook’d the hook?
    Do we start a petition and present it to our First Selectwoman?
    There must be loopholes in the contract … I can’t imagine there would be one without the ability to oust a company that is not fulfilling their obligations.
    Or do we start by getting signatures on a letter to Hook’d’s corporate offices with our list of grievances?
    Any suggestions on how to be pro-active about this?

  3. Susan Iseman

    I’m guessing they’ll say they can’t find help…..

  4. bonnie bernard

    It is time for town officials to step up and get rid of the Hook’d. This is just an awful place run by totally incompetent folks. You made a mistake now fix it.

  5. Tom Feeley Sr

    Apologize and bring back Joey 🙏

  6. Mark Bachmann

    Running a concession stand isn’t rocket science, and farming out the rights to operate one at our beautiful beach shouldn’t be either. I never understood why Joey’s felt compelled to leave last year, and I can’t understand now why these new people seems to be fumbling the ball too.

    I have to start wondering what’s wrong with our town that something so basic has to become an insurmountable challenge.

  7. As customers, our obligation is to voice our complaints, which has been done and I agree with [the halfway house seems to always have low inventory or be out of stock of bottled drinks]. It’s the P&R responsibility to take remedial action as per the contract deliverables with Hook ‘D. The big question, can it be fixed before the end of the summer?

  8. Susan Saracena

    I echo Mark’s comments. Hook ‘D is definitely not hitting the bar. You get what you pay for. Cheap is cheap.

  9. Pat Saviano

    Someone at Hook’D is reading this column. Their hours are now posted on the doors at Compo.

  10. Charlie Taylor

    I knew Scotty Moore and Sam Phillips very well. Pictures to follow. I asked Scotty about that July 5,1954 day and he said they were just messing around after a couple of hours of getting nothin. Sam heard something he could sell and switched on the machine. The rest is history!

  11. Cristina Negrin

    I never understood how Hooked got the pavilion and not one of the local contenders who seemed more than qualified (and better in my opinion)

  12. Peter Marks

    Someone thought that extra 25k was worth it. An investigator reporter needs to look into this further.