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The Day After

The voters have spoken.  At least, the 1 in 3 Westporters who turned out to cast ballots have.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has been overturned.  An unlikely cross-endorsement of 4 Republicans by Save Westport Now — which, according to Republican Town Committee chairman Bob Zappi is “99% Democratic”– resulted in the election of all 4 candidates:  Catherine Walsh, Chip Stephens, Al Gratrix and Jack Whittle.

The Board of Finance swings to Republican control too, with the addition of Mike Rea and John Pincavage, plus incumbent Tom Lasersohn.  Democrat Janis Collins is in, but incumbent Ken Wirfel is out.

The Board of Education remains in Democratic hands.  Democrat Michael Gordon joins incumbent Mark Mathias.  Also elected is Republican Jennifer Tooker; missing the cut is Jeanie Smith.

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We’re all still Westporters — and all in this together!

(Graphic courtesy of League of Women Voters)

Quiz The Board Of Ed Candidates

This year’s Board of Education campaign hasn’t gotten a lot of press.  The Planning and Zoning race — that’s where it’s at.

But the Board of Ed is important.  It’s the biggest part by far of the town budget, as we all know.

Still, it takes an involved citizen to sift through position papers, and listen to board candidates natter on about ERGs, CAPTs and whatnot.

If you want to know more, though, there’s one event you shouldn’t miss.

It’s this Wednesday (November 2, 7-9 p.m., Staples High School library).

It’s a “forum” — not a debate — and even better, it’s sponsored by an organization that has a true stake in this election:  Staples Student Assembly.

Someone who’s been to a past forum calls it “the most interesting” pre-election session.

“Others are scripted and boring,” this education-watcher says.

“At Staples they asked about teaching intelligent design, open campus and other good topics.”

Herman Cain is not on the Westport Board of Ed ballot.  But — if we’re lucky — a high school student or two might come up with questions that elicit Cain-like answers that reveal something fascinating about this year’s candidates.

For better, or worse.