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Photo Challenge #379

Everyone loves Compo Beach.

Swimming, sunning, grilling, boating, kayaking, strolling, volleyball, the playground — what’s not to like?

Canada geese.

Those nasty, snarling, pooping-everywhere creatures are the bane of our beach existence.

A while ago, a nearby resident posted a sign on the gate between Ned Dimes Marina and the adjacent grassy area.

“Goose Control. Please close!” it said.

The idea was to keep geese confined to one area (which part is unclear).

It doesn’t work. Some people fail to close the gate. Plus, geese fly.

That sign was last week’s Photo Challenge. Matt Murray, Dan Vener, Rich Stein, Rod Rodriguez, Ralph Balducci, Judith Reid, Yvonne Ferris, David Feig, Pete Powell, Pat Saviano and Lawrence Joel Zlatkin all knew exactly where to find it. (And the accompanying goose turds.)

Click here to see Les Dinkin’s photo. And here’s a bonus feature: a photo from last summer, of a goose who may or may not give a shit about the little sign.

(Photo/Elisabeth Levey)

Now it’s on to today’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Roy Fuchs)

Question Box: Answers #3

Our Question Box is once again full.

Here are the latest answers — to the best of my ability, anyway. I’m stumped by many of these queries. So readers: Please chime in with any additional information. Click “Comments” below.

And if you’ve got a question for our box, just email dwoog@optonline.net.


Where does the name “Compo” come from? (Art Hayes)

What a great, basic question!

Compo (“Compaug”) means “bear’s fishing ground.” It’s a Native American name, from the early Paugussett tribe.

it’s been a while since a bear went fishing at Compo. But that’s where the name of the beach comes from.


A recent photo showing the “bridge to nowhere” off Parker Harding Plaza started the wheels of memory turning. Was it there in the late 1960s? (Susan Hopkins, Elizabeth, Colorado)

Westport’s favorite bridge to nowhere: Parker Harding Plaza (Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

Another excellent question! It was built — I believe — in the early 1970s. I’m not sure, however, who sponsored it, or why.

If any readers have the back story, let us know!


What’s up with the missing/deactivated blinking yellow traffic lights at the Westport Fire Department’s headquarters on Post Road East?

Formerly, 2 cables held 2 blinking lights each. They turned red to stop traffic in all directions when fire trucks exited the station.

A few months ago, the cable that held the pair of blinkers facing eastbound traffic lay on the ground opposite the fire station. Did the cable break? Were the lights removed on purpose? The cable holding the 2 lights facing westbound traffic are still in place, but deactivated. (Wendy Crowther)

Deputy chief Michael Kronick says: “The computer that controls the light died earlier this year. We have contacted a vendor to replace and upgrade the system.

Unfortunately, the computer is on back order because of the worldwide microprocessor order. We have no timeline for when the controls will be available.”

Fire headquarters, near the (now-non-) blinking lights.


From time to time, we see wildlife with tags like the one below. Who tags them — and why? (Gail Berritt)

(Photo/Gail Berritt)

I’ll pass this one of to our wildlife experts. Click comments below, please!


A recent posting on Facebook about Carvel elicited plenty of likes and comments. But no one seems to know when it opened. Do you? (Fred Cantor)

Nope! But you and I both remember it from our high school days in the 1970s. And I remember it from earlier — with a huge ice cream cone on the top of the building. That’s been long gone, victim of either a hurricane or zoning regulation, no doubt.

There must be former Carvel employees out there who know when the ice cream stand — one of the longest-running businesses in Westport — first opened. Let us know!

Iconic Westport.


Have a question for the Question Box? Email dwoog@optonline.net.




Pic Of The Day #1525

Honk if you love Sherwood Island! (Photo/Pat Saunders)

Pic Of The Day #1512

Planning their next poop (Photo/Marcia Falk)

Roundup: Kenny Mayne & Coleytown El, Rock Sculpture, Graphix …


The news that Kenny Mayne would be leaving ESPN after 27 years reminded Tommy Greenwald of the time the noted sportscaster visited Coleytown Elementary School.

Greenwald — himself a noted Westport marketer, children’s book author and the father of 3 athletes — directed Mayne in a truly funny video. The premise was: What would happen if sports were banned?

Mayne’s dry sense of humor is on great display. And the “cast” — CES kids, teachers, nurses and the principal — play their parts to perfection. Enjoy!


For years, passersby have marveled at the rock sculptures that seem to magically appear at Schlaet’s Point, Compo Cove and other beach-type sites in Westport.

The other day, Bill Kutik spotted a similar one — he calls it a “cairn” — at Aspetuck Land Trust’s Honey Hill Preserve in Weston.

We have no idea if it’s the same sculptor. These works of art simply appear.

For our enjoyment, and wonder.

(Photo/Bill Kutik)


In 7th grade, Michael Bernier started a graphics business.

He paused it during COVID. But now — as his freshman year at Staples High School ends, and graduation celebrations begin again — he’s started back up.

Through gr8graphix, Michael creates personalized framed posters, which can be given as gifts for graduations and new baby announcements. He’s created a website  and Instagram (@gra8graphixshop) with great examples. Two samples are below:


Alexander Lobrano is a noted food writer (New York Times, Gourmet, books). He’s also a former Westporter, and a Weston High School graduate.

This weekend, his “Traveler’s Tale” piece runs in the Wall Street Journal. “My Teenage Grand Tour: Delectable and Life-Changing” is a remembrance of his 14-year-old summer in Europe, with his mother. Click here to read. (Hat tip: Jeff Jacobs)

Alexander Lobrano (Photo/Steven Rothfeld)


Dr. Hilary Blumberg — the director of Yale School of Medicine’s’ Mood Disorders program, Yale professor of psychiatric neuroscience, and a 30-year Westport resident — has just won a prestigious prize.

The International Society for Bipolar Disorders has given her its Mogens Schou Award, in honor of her career of research.

Congratulations, Dr. Blumberg!

Dr. Hilary Blumberg


Today’s first of 2 “Westport … Naturally” shows a snowy egret on the Saugatuck River:

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

And here’s a familiar scene at Compo Beach:

(Photo/MaryLou Roels)


And finally … Pervis Staples — who with his sisters and father was an original member of the groundbreaking, socially conscious Staple Singers gospel and soul group — died earlier this month in Illinois. He was 85.

Hidden in his New York Times obituary is this line: “He attended grammar school with the future singing stars Sam Cooke and Lou Rawls.”

They must have had an astonishing talent show.


Roundup: Firefighters, Swans, Geese …


Earlier his week, Westport firefighters assisted the Westport Weston Health District and Department of Human Services by providing COVID vaccinations to homebound residents.

And … while delivering the vaccines, Fire Department members performed home safety inspections, including inspecting flammable substance storage, and checking and installing smoke and CO2 alarms.

Then yesterday morning, our firefighters helped Human Services by loading and unloading food boxes from the Connecticut Food Bank. 60 will be distributed to food-insecure households in Westport. Two more pick-ups are scheduled next month.

For more information on food resources, email humansrv@westportct.gov or call 203-341-1050.

Kudos to all involved. It takes a village — and ours is a great one. (Hat tip: Jennifer Gallini Petrosinelli)

Firefighter Liz Ferguson helps with food distribution.


At the same time, Fire Department members were training downtown:

(Photo/Lauri Weiser)


Audrey Hertzel posted a COVID vaccine comment. It’s so good, I’m repeating it here. Every “06880” reader needs to see this — and follow through.

Audrey wrote: “I had my first shot at the Stamford Lord & Taylor parking lot last week. Everyone was so wonderful.

“Someone on a local neighborhood group suggested bringing cookies, coffee, etc. to the the workers.

“I brought 100 Dunkin’ Munchkins and a Box of Joe for them to share. They couldn’t have been more appreciative. I’m hoping more people do the same — and spread the word to others!”

Thank-you donuts. (Photo/Audrey Hertzel)


Interested in the future of downtown?

Tomorrow (Friday, March 26, 1:30 p.m., Zoom), the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce and Senior Center offer an interesting online panel.

Topics include:

  • How is downtown doing?
  • Where is downtown headed, post-COVID?
  • Can people live downtown?
  • What is there for seniors?

The high-powered panelists include:

  • Randy Herbertson: President, Westport Downtown Merchants Association
  • David Waldman: Owner, David Adam Realty
  • Kim Harizman: Realtor, KMS Partners @ Compass
  • Annette Norton: Owner, Savvy + Grace

Chamber of Commerce director Matthew Mandell will moderate.

Click here for the Zoom link. The meeting code is 889 0588 3613. The passcode is wcsa.

What’s up downtown? (Photo/Lauri Weiser)


Yesterday, the Board of Selectman unanimously adopted this resolution:

WHEREAS, Asian-Pacific American communities are suffering acts of discrimination, hate crimes, and microaggressions, which have been exposed and heightened due to COVID-19; and

WHEREAS, anti-Asian rhetoric and sentiment is stigmatizing, tends to incite fear and xenophobia, and numerous Asian-Pacific Americans are experiencing increased racial profiling, hate incidents, and, in some cases, hate violence; and

WHEREAS, in an effort to bring attention to baseless and xenophobic actions, hate speech, and bias, and most particularly, those against the Asian American and Pacific Island community, the Town of Westport must demonstrate its support for neighbors, families and friends who are adversely affected and traumatized by these acts.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Westport Board of Selectmen emphatically denounces xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiment. The Town of Westport joins municipalities, counties, and states across the country in affirming its commitment to the safety and well-being of Asian-Pacific Americans and in combating hate crimes targeting Asian-Pacific Americans; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Westport remains committed to condemning all manner of racism, stigmatization, hate speech, hate crimes, xenophobia, discrimination and violence.  Protecting residents, business owners, workforce members, and victims of hate through supportive programs and policies that embrace inclusivity, diversity, civil discourse, and acceptance for all, remains at the forefront of our intentions as a community to combat hate and racial injustices.


Yesterday’s “06880” Roundup mention of Christopher Lloyd prompted Jack Backiel to dig out his Staples High School 1958 yearbook.

Here’s what he found for his now-famous classmate:

Football? Party of the year? Lawrence (sp) Olivier? But hey — he still looks (almost) the same.


Whitney Raith spotted this scene on Monday, just a few steps from busy Parker Harding Plaza. The swans were protecting their nest.

(Photo/Whitney Raith)

But, she notes: “When I walked by, one of the parents got very upset. I know swans can get nasty. I hope people are aware, and keep their distance.”


On the same day, Daniel Hoffman spotted this guy at Compo:

(Photo/Daniel Hoffman)

“Spring is officially here,” Daniel says.


After 38 years as founder and chair of the Susan Fund — where she oversaw raising and distributing nearly $2 million in scholarships to 285 Fairfield County students diagnosed with cancer — Ann Lloyd has stepped down from her role.

Incoming chair Jeff Booth’s first official act was to name Ann chairman emeritus.

That’s her second recent honor. Last month, the indefatigable Westporter was an “06880” Unsung Hero of the Week.

Ann Lloyd


And still another sign of spring — and the (hopeful) end of the pandemic:

(Photo/Bill Ryan)

Bill Ryan says that the Longshore golf course sand traps are raked — and rakes are in place, ready to be used.

Last year, COVID restrictions included the removal of all rakes. Fore!


And speaking of sports: Dave Briggs is a great interviewer. (He should be: He spent more than 2 decades at Fox News, NBC Sports and CNN.) His Instagram Live sessions have become must-see viewing for ever-larger audiences.

It helps that he snags great guests.

Today’s is Jay Williams. The NBA analyst and ESPN radio host is — like Dave — a a Westport resident.

It’s live at 2 p.m. today (Thursday, March 25; @WestportMagazine). The 2 guys welcome your questions. Shoot!


In January 2020, “06880” reported that Little Beet was coming to the Fresh Market shopping center.

The chain offers “wholesome, healthy food that not only tastes great, but makes you feel great.” Food is “carefully sourced … from farmers and purveyors we trust, guaranteeing all of our food is gluten-free and better for you.”

The menu includes make-your-own rice and quinoa-based meals, poké and other bowls, vegetable sides, and breakfast sandwiches, parfaits and oatmeal.

Little Beet would open that summer, I confidently said.

COVID and (perhaps) other issues intervened. The storefront sat empty. But now, work has begun.

Perhaps a summer 2021 opening is on the table?

(Photo/Dan Woog)


Last month, “06880” paid tribute to Bob Comstock. After a legendary career in New Jersey journalism, he spent nearly 20 years in Westport. He was active in the Unitarian Church and Y’s Men.

Yesterday, at his daily COVID press briefing, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy added his own tribute to Bob. Click below to watch:


And finally … we celebrate 2 big musical birthdays today: Aretha Franklin and Elton John. What a duo they would have made!

Oh, Crap!

Avid — but grossed-out — beachgoer Candice Quinn writes:

This is the scene at Compo Beach:

For the past few weeks, this has been a regular scene. Geese have claimed the outside shower/bathroom entrances.

They are aggressive, and hiss at anyone who attempts to get close to use the restrooms.

As you can see from the abundance of feces, the shower cannot be used. All of the sidewalks, and even the nice new walkway to the water, are covered with excrement.

(Photos/Candice Quinn)

I don’t remember it ever being this bad in years past. It is a health concern for all beachgoers.

I know the town has approved using dogs to “relocate” the geese. But when?


Goose Poop: The Sequel

Sherwood Island’s 9/11 Memorial is not the only Westport site attracting Canada geese — and the concern of residents dealing with droppings. An alert “06880” reader writes:

While walking at Compo Beach, I can’t help noticing the goose poop that is everywhere — especially on the walkway behind the brick walls, and on the grounds across from the playground.

I think we need a goose patrol to clean up the walks. Though I appreciate the wildlife, I can’t help thinking that since dogs and other animals are not allowed inside the gates, something needs to be done to control the geese.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that the goose poop makes walking treacherous. I’ll leave it all (not the poop, sorry) in your good hands!

“06880” readers: This is a question that’s bedeviled outdoor enthusiasts for years. What’s the answer? Is there one? Click “06880,” to give us the scoop on poop.

Seagulls can be pretty, or a pain. Canada geese don't bring too much to the party.

Seagulls can be pretty, or a pain. Canada geese don’t bring too much to the party.

Basketball Blues End Soon

It’s been a while since there was a hoops game at Compo.

But the reconstruction of the 2 basketball courts is nearly complete. This was the scene yesterday:

Basketball court - Compo

The courts have a long history. The first one — built in the late 1950s — was the brainchild of Albie Loeffler and Paul Lane. The Staples High School basketball head and assistant coach, respectively, saw the court as a way to keep their players active in the off-season — and a way to run a Fairfield County league for the Wreckers and their foes.

The court became a community effort. Gault and Kowalsky donated materials and labor.

The 2nd court was built later. It’s been a year-round favorite for generations of basketball players, of all ages.

And even more generations of Canada geese.


Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Seagull and Canada geese