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Oh, Crap!

Avid — but grossed-out — beachgoer Candice Quinn writes:

This is the scene at Compo Beach:

For the past few weeks, this has been a regular scene. Geese have claimed the outside shower/bathroom entrances.

They are aggressive, and hiss at anyone who attempts to get close to use the restrooms.

As you can see from the abundance of feces, the shower cannot be used. All of the sidewalks, and even the nice new walkway to the water, are covered with excrement.

(Photos/Candice Quinn)

I don’t remember it ever being this bad in years past. It is a health concern for all beachgoers.

I know the town has approved using dogs to “relocate” the geese. But when?


Goose Poop: The Sequel

Sherwood Island’s 9/11 Memorial is not the only Westport site attracting Canada geese — and the concern of residents dealing with droppings. An alert “06880” reader writes:

While walking at Compo Beach, I can’t help noticing the goose poop that is everywhere — especially on the walkway behind the brick walls, and on the grounds across from the playground.

I think we need a goose patrol to clean up the walks. Though I appreciate the wildlife, I can’t help thinking that since dogs and other animals are not allowed inside the gates, something needs to be done to control the geese.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that the goose poop makes walking treacherous. I’ll leave it all (not the poop, sorry) in your good hands!

“06880” readers: This is a question that’s bedeviled outdoor enthusiasts for years. What’s the answer? Is there one? Click “06880,” to give us the scoop on poop.

Seagulls can be pretty, or a pain. Canada geese don't bring too much to the party.

Seagulls can be pretty, or a pain. Canada geese don’t bring too much to the party.

Basketball Blues End Soon

It’s been a while since there was a hoops game at Compo.

But the reconstruction of the 2 basketball courts is nearly complete. This was the scene yesterday:

Basketball court - Compo

The courts have a long history. The first one — built in the late 1950s — was the brainchild of Albie Loeffler and Paul Lane. The Staples High School basketball head and assistant coach, respectively, saw the court as a way to keep their players active in the off-season — and a way to run a Fairfield County league for the Wreckers and their foes.

The court became a community effort. Gault and Kowalsky donated materials and labor.

The 2nd court was built later. It’s been a year-round favorite for generations of basketball players, of all ages.

And even more generations of Canada geese.


Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Seagull and Canada geese

A New Generation

In case you’re worried there might not be enough Canada geese this summer:

A new generation is ready to eat grass, poop, and never leave.

Unwelcome At Compo

Among the discussion of whose beach Compo is, we can probably all agree on one population we’d rather not see:

Honk If You Can Read This

A new fence appeared recently at Compo Beach.  This one is located just north of the marina, by the grass fronting Compo Beach Road.

Let’s hope geese can read better than deer, who never seem to “X” near their “Deer Xing” signs.

And better than Westport drivers, near any stop sign.

The Fox And The Geese

A fox stalked Canada geese today, on the grass at Compo Beach.

Officials deemed the fox a threat to the community and killed it with 1 shot, WestportNow.com reported.

They got the wrong species.