Photo Challenge #379

Everyone loves Compo Beach.

Swimming, sunning, grilling, boating, kayaking, strolling, volleyball, the playground — what’s not to like?

Canada geese.

Those nasty, snarling, pooping-everywhere creatures are the bane of our beach existence.

A while ago, a nearby resident posted a sign on the gate between Ned Dimes Marina and the adjacent grassy area.

“Goose Control. Please close!” it said.

The idea was to keep geese confined to one area (which part is unclear).

It doesn’t work. Some people fail to close the gate. Plus, geese fly.

That sign was last week’s Photo Challenge. Matt Murray, Dan Vener, Rich Stein, Rod Rodriguez, Ralph Balducci, Judith Reid, Yvonne Ferris, David Feig, Pete Powell, Pat Saviano and Lawrence Joel Zlatkin all knew exactly where to find it. (And the accompanying goose turds.)

Click here to see Les Dinkin’s photo. And here’s a bonus feature: a photo from last summer, of a goose who may or may not give a shit about the little sign.

(Photo/Elisabeth Levey)

Now it’s on to today’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Roy Fuchs)

33 responses to “Photo Challenge #379

  1. Original Westport library ( 1910?)
    at Post Road East.

  2. Martin Gitlin

    The old public library on Post Road @ Main St.

  3. Westport Public Library, 19 Post Road East

  4. Robert Mitchell

    Westport Library on Post Road

  5. Lawrence Zlatkin

    Easy (I think!). The original library building downtown, entrance facing the old Y.

  6. Katherine Golomb

    the original Westport library, above the main door.

  7. Sandra Rothenberg

    Original Westport library on post rd

  8. The old (former) Westport Public Libary on Post Road.

  9. Cindy Zuckerbrod

    The original Westport Library on the Post Roaf

  10. David Sampson

    The old library

  11. I agree with all who identified it as the old library building.

  12. Of course! Definitely an easy one. The original Westport Public Library on the Post Road, near Main Street. This was carved above what was the original front door.

  13. John Richers

    Hate to Ned Dimes Marina!

  14. Scott Brodie

    It is the lintel of the original Westport Public Library building at the corner of Main St and the Post Road. I always enjoyed how this feature got straight to the heart of the meaning of the word “Public” in “Public Library.”

  15. Rosalie Kaye

    Over the entry door to our original Library…on the Post Rd.

  16. Stephen Axthelm

    Old Library (Main & Post)

  17. Andrew Colabella

    The ORIGINAL town library @ Main St and Post 🙂

  18. Clark Thiemann

    On top of the old library across from the old YMCA, diagonally across the street from the old Eddie Bauer store.

  19. Michael Calise

    old library

  20. original Westport libray on post road

  21. Joyce Barnhart

    So many answers from people who know where that is! I don’t know exactly where it is on the building, probably above an entry, but the sentiment and the style are enough to let people know it’s on the old library.

  22. Mary Ann Batsell

    The original Westport Library

  23. Anna DeVito

    Book drop slot on old Westport Library building. ?

  24. Over door to the original library on Post Road

  25. Rindy Higgins

    old wetsport library!

  26. Pete Powell

    Main Door to old library on Post Road, E

  27. Fred Cantor

    The library in our day.

  28. Suzanne Wilson

    One of the first things I noticed upon arriving in Westport circa 1969. The irony of “Open to All” engraved in stone, above a door that didn’t work and wouldn’t open!

  29. Janice Strizever

    The old Westport Library building on Post Road near Starbucks

  30. Bruce H Salvo

    The original Library facing US 1

  31. Guess the cop in the car will arrest those unsuspecting fly overs.

  32. Must be the old Library Building…this is a core mission of all Public Libraries!

  33. Nancy Sherburne

    My guess is the the Westport Public Library. Barb Sherburne ’67.