Pic Of The Day #1812

Westporters say: US stands with Ukraine (Photo/Arlene Yolles)

7 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1812

  1. Peter Barlow

    Everyone means well here but it’s probably not correct to fly two nations’ flags on the same pole.

  2. Absolutely correct, Peter. And if the flag as shown is defaced by an overlaid cloth layer it’s doubly improper, no matter the cause or reason.

  3. And HALF our allegiance is NOT pledged to Ukraine; only best wishes and sympathy.

  4. Daniel Guilfoile

    I am sure that the creator of this Flag had only the best intentions, but this a major United States Flag etiquette mistake

    • John McCarthy

      funny how no one brings up flag “etiquette mistakes” when similar things are done at Trump Rallies

  5. When I was in scouts, we were taught that flags should not be left out flying overnight, that they should be brought in during bad weather, and a lot of other points of flag etiquette that seem to be totally ignored now, and actually for quite a while. I remember hearing commentary on the radio as long ago as the 1980s about how these things had become overwhelmingly disregarded. And never mind the taboos against wearing the flag as a clothing patch! Yeah, that was once a thing.

    So I am not sure about the complaints here about flag etiquette regarding this photo are warranted. It seems we have come to a point where anything that isn’t a flagrant attack against a flag, such as publicly burning it or letting it soil on the ground, have come to be acceptable.

  6. Dennis Jackson

    This impresses me as nothing more nor less than a composite of the flags of two great sovereign nations. It is not a desecration of either. Rather, it seems a thoughtful and creative way to display solidarity with the suffering people of Ukraine. OTOH, no doubt we’ve all seen countless examples of so-called “American patriots” breaking the rules of decorum that apply to our own beautiful flag when it suits their own small partisan purposes.