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Dumping On Drivers

The Sherwood Island transfer station — aka “the dump” — is many things.

It’s a place to dispose of unwanted stuff — furniture, electronics, yard waste — in an environmentally sound way.

It’s a place to meet other Westporters. It’s a place for politicians to troll for votes.

It’s also become a place where the informal rules of social conduct are being, well, trashed.

Alert “06880” reader Steve Axthelm writes of this recent trend:

Instead of taking the next available space and keeping the line moving quickly on Saturdays, some drivers now ignore multiple available spots. They block the lane, waiting for the “perfect” spot.

Maybe we should have a reservation system, so you can be sure to cozy up to the metal dumping area, or save those 10 steps when recycling your cardboard.

But think how much time you save, on your way to your entitled parking spot at Starbucks!

Drivers wait for the “perfect” spot, instead of pulling in to the first available one. (Photo/Steve Axthelm)

Gotta Hand It To Our Dump

It may not be the only one of its kind in the country, but Westport’s dump could be the most interesting since Arlo Guthrie and Alice visited theirs that famous Thanksgiving years ago.


  • We don’t call it a dump. It’s a “transfer station.”
  • Sure, there are trucks and Suburbans. But there are also plenty of Range Rovers, BMWs and Mercedeses, plus the occasional Tesla, Maserati, Rolls and Bentley. All are driven by “normal” Westporters, trash in tow.
  • It may be the only dump transfer station that’s a regular stop for politicians stumping for votes, and non-profits to hand out flyers.

Now, add one more “only in Westport.” Is there another one anywhere with a hand sanitizing pump — and marketing materials?

(Photo/JP Vellotti)

(Photo/JP Vellotti)




Dumping On The Dump

Alert “06880” reader/frequent transfer station visitor Terry Brannigan writes:

We all know that the “transfer station” is the heart and soul of this town. As part of my social ambition, I try to get there on a regular basis. The other day I was dropping off trash from my parents’ house. Once again I was confounded by the rules.

Why is it that Westport taxpayers have to hump our heavy (and hopefully well separated) trash by hand to the side entrance and throw it over the wall, but commercial waste collectors and random contractors get to drive up to the hopper and empty their trucks?

I have a feeling town taxpayers are just as capable of driving up, dumping their trash and not falling in as the commercial truck drivers, landscapers, remodelers and other service professionals. Heck, we managed to make it to Westport.  

At the dump.

At the dump.

This is a critical issue for the “06880” nation to solve.  Remember the old transfer station by police headquarters? That crusher looked like a mechanical monster, yet we could drive up and dump. I don’t recall anyone ever falling into that hopper.  

It drives me nuts watching the guys who get paid to collect trash (in trucks often with non-Westport logos) drive up, while the people who pay them (and the taxes of the town) schlep heavy bags and boxes over to the great wall and hoist them over by hand.

What are your thoughts on the transfer station? Any suggestions? Click “Comments” — and please, use your full, real name.

From Town Hall To The Transfer Station…

…trees are coming down all over Westport.

Here’s the scene this morning, when an alert “06880” reader dropped off some recycling:

Transfer station

No word on whether the trees were dead. They sure were not going to fall on any power lines.

The next focus may be the beach. As a planning committee looks at reconfiguring Compo, some trees — perhaps near the drop-off and Soundview lot, on the grassy field or along the median between the shore and parking lots — may be reconfigured. As in, removed.

Nothing has been decided yet. Keep watching. This story has legs — and roots.

Westport: An Attractive Dump

Alert “06880” reader Lisa Hofmeister writes:

As a Westport resident for over 4 years, I have had an issue with Westport Waste Management for a while. After today’s incident I thought “06880” could broadcast it, and hopefully get some notice.

As I disposed of my trash I saw a white unmarked van with New York license plates pull up. Two 25-year old-ish men dressed in work clothes started to remove trash bags, a bathroom sink and countertop, dry wall, wooden baseboard, etc., and throw it all into our dump. There was no one nearby, so I went to the hut by the entrance to report them.

Westport transfer station

For a town that is so strict on summer beach passes, deer rights over residents, prohibiting dogs on the beach 6 months out of the year and making residents get approval to remove any vegetation on their property if wetlands are involved, I wondered why we are not more strict with our trash removal — something residents pay directly for.

It could be as simple as picking up a sticker for your car — just like the beach. Benefits would include reduced tax dollars, as residents and the town would not pay for non-resident trash removal. The town could also track how many residents use it versus private contractors.

I checked the town website (Public Works Department). Two sentences address who is eligible to use the transfer station: 

Westport residents are allowed to dispose of a variety of household items that includes furniture, carpeting, lamps, televisions and many other similar items. An area has been set aside for recycling household electronics.

The transfer station is frequently used by contractors working on Westport homes.

And, of course, by others. Including guys in vans with New York plates.

Transfer Station Blues

An alert “06880” reader — who wishes to remain anonymous, as will soon be clear — sent along these thoughts, after a trip to the transfer station:

So off I go to the dump with my garbage and recycles.

Today a new sign (I’ve been out of town] greets me: “NO PLASTIC BAGS.”

But all my recycles are securely bound in white plastic bags. Everything has been washed out pretty good, though there is still a bit of liquid in the bags. I guess I should rip them open (they never untie) and dump them into the pods, right?

Then take the plastic bags and put them in the green garbage can. Try not to get anything on my clothes. You know how those plastic bags like to cling to other plastics. Gotta do a shake and shake and shake. Very, very messy.

Look, they even have steps for me.

But alas, the steps lead to a closed door. I’ll go to another one.

Damn, same thing.

Oh well, I’ll keep going. Whoops, these steps are so far away I’ll have to take each item out and throw them in piece by piece.

These steps are a bit far...

Finally, steps that lead to a nearby open door. I can shake here for 15 minutes.

I wonder if all the trash collectors have to rip open every plastic bags they collect before they dump them. OMG, what a task. No way.

A non-environmental thought crosses my mind: Throw everything into the garbage pit like we did in the good old days.