Unsung Hero #249

Alert “06880” reader Ed Simek writes:

I just returned from the transfer station, where I had an experience I must share.

Like many people we, take our trash to the transfer station for disposal. Occasionally we procrastinate, and it starts to consume the garage.

Today was one of those days. My wife was kind enough to pile the recyclables and other trash at the front of the garage. I loaded it onto my small pickup and drove to the transfer station.

Magic happens here.

As a result of spinal stenosis I now require a cane to get around. When I got there, I parked and hobbled off to get a shopping cart.

By the time I returned to the truck, 3 people were waiting to ask if I needed any help. They started unloading. In what seemed like a nanosecond, my trash was gone.

I’d like to once again thank them for their help. You know who you are.

Yet another reason to be very grateful to live in Westport.

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5 responses to “Unsung Hero #249

  1. Love our very special, kind community so much!! Beautiful share.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story – their story. Altogether, you are heroes. Without you and your wife they would not have had the opportunity to share their good heartedness.

  3. Sally Palmer

    The transfer station is one of the most civilized places in town!

  4. Stephen Axthelm

    I’ll bet one of them was Dave! Great guy who helped me often while we were moving out.

  5. thats nice but there are great people like that in every town. Its not unique to just here.