Roundup: Homeless, Speed, The Brook …


A Westporter who asked for anonymity writes:

“Yesterday I saw 2 people that I believe are homeless.

“One was asking for money in front of Fresh Market. After I gave him some, he showed me his injuries from overseas military assignments. I then stayed in my car watching, as many Westporters passed him by.

“The second individual I saw yesterday morning walking in Southport towards Westport (see photo).

“I wonder: What is Westport doing to help these people?”

Walking toward Westport.


“06880” readers know Caryl Beatus for her insightful comments, on a broad range of subjects.

The Longshore Ladies Golf Association know her as a friend.

On August 31, they’ll celebrate 60 years of existence with a luncheon. (A year late, because of COVID. Good things come to those who wait.)

Caryl — an original member, when the organization was formed in 1960 — is an important part of those 60 years.

In 2017, the LWGA recognized her service by naming its annual member/member tournament after her.

Caryl has served the LWGA in many capacities. She oversaw the creation and revision of its by-laws, was tournament chair, and for many years organized biannual luncheons.

She has put in countless hours, and always made herself available to help move the organization forward.

Patty Kondub, a past president and coach of the Staples girls golf team, says that a decade ago, when she and Caryl were both injured, Caryl convinced her to serve with her as a “co-hostess.” Every week early in the morning they greeted members, explained the tournament, and introduced players to each other to build camaraderie.

Patty notes that Caryl is a “good luck charm.” Many LWGA members have shot their best rounds while playing with Caryl in their Tuesday tournaments.

Congrats to the LWGA for 60 (61) years — and to Caryl Beatus for all she has one, during those 6 decades.

Caryl Beatus (right) and Anne Krygier, enjoying another day on the links.


Longtime Westporter — and North Avenue-area resident — Carl Addison Swanson shares an email he sent to 1st Selectman Jim Marpe:

“Last year, over 100 children died and another 25,000 were injured on their way to school.

“In Westport, where I grew up and have been associated with this town since 1952, North Avenue is used as a commuter route for those living in Easton, Weston, Wilton, Fairfield and Southport. Drivers drive too fast. A recent study, using a radar gun, clocked 72% of drivers exceeding 45 m.p.h. on the road.

“What makes this issue more critical is that 4 schools are situated on North Avenue: Coleytown Middle, Coleytown Elementary, Bedford Middle and Staples High School. And while a traffic guard is used to direct traffic, they are not there when, many times, children cross before and/or after school hours due to sports or extracurricular activities. Further, many adults use these crossways to take a walk or bike ride at odd hours.

“I have written to the Westport Police Chief with return comments such as we do not use traffic lights to control traffic,’ and the placement of little green men cones (as seen on Riverside and downtown) are too expensive. Really?

“In every other jurisdiction I have lived in, from Texas to Vermont, the state and town protects their children by blinking lights, a speed limit of 5 mph during peak times, and strict enforcement by the local police on each and every school.

“For a town that bases its importance on the education of their youth, you seem to yield to the flow of traffic rather than the safety of our residents?  A grassroots effort by concerned Westporters to change this is now being organized.”

Carl Addison Swanson would like to see — at the minimum — signs like these near our schools.


Speaking of school:

Tracy Porosoff spotted this near Shake Shack.

“Am I the only one confused?” she asks.


(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)


A limited number of complimentary tickets are available for first responders, frontline workers, teachers, and community groups to attend “Stars on Stage from Westport Country Playhouse.”

The 3 nights of concerts by Broadway artists Shoshana Bean (Wicked, Waitress), Gavin Creel (Hello, Dolly!, The Book of Mormon) and Brandon Victor Dixon (NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar, Hamilton) will be taped August 31 through September 2, for a future national television broadcast. There are 2 shows each night: 7 and 9 p.m.

For complimentary tickets, Jennifer Carroll:

The public can buy tickets, starting at $20. Click here for more information.

Gavin Creel


A former Westporter used to frequent the Brook Café with a friend. For his birthday, she wants to give him some memorabilia — perhaps a box of matches, glass or napkin with the bar’s name on it.

If anyone has any souvenirs from “the Brook,” please email me directly: I’ll connect you with our reader.


The transfer station will be closed to residents next Wednesday (August 25) for repairs. It will be open though for private residential and commercial haulers.

Transfer station will be closed Wednesday. (Photos/Ernie Lorimer)


Upcoming Westport Library events  of note:

Food and travel writer Alexander Lobrano — a Weston High graduate, and former Westporter — sits for a conversation with Kelle Ruden on August 31 (7 p.m.),

Lobrano’s memoir, My Place At the Table: A Recipe for a Delicious Life in Paris is a moving coming-of-age story. Through a series of encounters with culinary figures like Paul Bocuse, Julia Child and Ruth Reichl, Lobrano hones his palate and finds his voice.

Click here to join via livestream or in person. Copies of My Place At the Table are available for ordering and pickup at the Library, or shipping if further away.

Author/essayinst/memoir writer Mary-Lou Weisman hosts :Introductory Memoir Writing Workshops” this fall. They are on Mondays, from September 20 through October 25 (12:30 to 2:30 pm). Click here for more information, and to register.

Alexander Lobrano (Photo/Steven Rothfeld)


Ken Yormark boasts, “I got 2 eagles at Longshore.”

Congratulations! But he’s not referring to his golf game. He means — with a smile — this “Westport … Naturally” at the town club.

At any rate, it’s a nice “shot” of a couple of “birdies.”

(Photo/Ken Yormark)


And finally … following up on the eagles above, and the feeling it evokes:

10 responses to “Roundup: Homeless, Speed, The Brook …

  1. I think you can include Bayberry Lane in the same speeding category with North Ave. They head to the railroad station via the Maple Avenues.

  2. Tom Feeley Sr

    The Dude Abides !! Right on Carl 😉

  3. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Congratulations to the LWGA on 60 (61) years of existence. I played with the ladies summers when I was in high school. I don’t remember exactly how many summers I played, but basically the years 1965. 1966, and 1967.
    The ladies were so kind to me and so much fun. I loved Longshore and I loved the LWGA. I can mention a few names, realizing I will forget many names: Mary Mogren, Barbara Young, Betty Enright, Mimi Leavitt, Alice Nicolls, Alice Stearns, (oh I wish I could remember more names and I probably will as soon as I post this comment lol).
    I don’t think Jinny Parker was part of the ladies golf assoc. but I remember a big thrill when I played with her one summer at Longshore.
    Anyway, all the ladies were great and I really remember that time with joy.
    And in regard to the person who had (saw) two eagles, I actually had a birdie (killed a small bird) with my tee shot off the ninth tee – oh those many years ago.

  4. That vehicle is from The Ethel Walker School – it’s a private girls’ boarding school in Simsbury that has an equestrian program.

  5. To Carl’s point, the intersection at Cross Highway and North Avenue is also horrendous, because a) it’s always backed up with no crossing guard, especially during school season, and b) there is a stone wall at the NW corner that juts out and obstructs the view of North Avenue drivers heading toward Bedford and Staples… this has led to many a fender bender, and yet the wall remains…

    • Tommy, we might need a local modern-day Betty Anderson to fix this. “Father Knows Best” had an episode that dealt with practically an identical traffic issue. Or maybe you could turn this into your next book🤨.

  6. Julian Oldale

    Couldn’t agree more on North Avenue and the crossings, it seems to me that drivers have zero concept that they are there to let people cross the road and that they are supposed to stop to allow them to do so… I do think the town should come up with a plan that addresses this. Who knows it may actually encourage people to not always use their cars to drop off their kids and let them walk / bike.

  7. Bill Strittmatter

    Re: Homeless comment

    Well, Westport did it’s part. It had a nice rally on homelessness and affordable housing yesterday afternoon. Mission accomplished!

    It would be nice if there was more than talk though…

  8. Alexander Lobrano’s recipe for a roasted ratatouille, along with the story of how he was introduced to ratatouille at Burying Hill Beach, appeared in the July 31/Aug 1 WSJ. The story is charming, but the recipe is awesome. It’s stunningly easy to prepare and especially great at this time of year with the freshness of our vegetables, and August’s ripe tomatoes really make the thing pop. It’s even better the next day.

  9. To the person who asked about Westport’s regard for the homeless, please see coverage on Homes with Hopes ongoing efforts: whether it’s Gillespie Center, the Rally yesterday, or countless other acts for the homeless, HWH does it all. My teenage daughter, Abigail Nevin, has personally donated, cleaned properties, and prepared and delivered over 120 meals this summer. Many in our community support the homeless. Please help with those efforts and feel as if you, too, can make a difference.