Unsung Heroes #191

Pippa Bell Ader is a longtime advocate for sustainability. She writes:

Gilberto Reis, who manages Westport’s transfer station recycling station, has been invaluable to the Food Scrap Recycling Program.

He exchanges full toters for empty ones. He’s also the one who gently reminds recyclers that plastic bags can’t go in the recycling containers, or directs a newbie to the various recycling stations.

Gilberto Reis, at his post. (Photo/Dawn Sullivan)

Very occasionally he has to remove non-organic material that ends up in the bright green food scrap recycling toter, using his long handled reacher. He is always pleasant and — judging by the crinkle in his eyes and tone of his voice, despite his mask — probably smiling.

That is no small feat, after a long day of politely reminding people how to recycle correctly.

One day someone gave Gilberto a sign that said “You’re Amazing.”  The Zero Food Waste Challenge team could not have said it better!!

Gilberto and his sign: This week’s “06880” Unsung Hero.

PS: The Zero Food Waste Challenge team also like to thank Bob. Whenever he sees a Zero Food Waste Challenge volunteer coming to do a shift at the transfer station, he goes into the scale house,  gets out the sample food scrap recycling starter kit and flyers for us, and says hello. It’s nice to be welcomed!

4 responses to “Unsung Heroes #191

  1. John Karrel

    “He is always pleasant…”
    Truer words…
    Excellent choice

  2. Stacy Prince

    Wonderful guy. He makes dump runs a whole lot more pleasant.

  3. Lisa S. Marriott

    SO nice as you said and always with a smile and a hand to help!

  4. I’m always greeted with a hello and wave. It’s great he’s doing such good work for a very good cause!