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Eyesore Gets Facelift

It’s one of the first things you see entering Westport — getting off Merritt Parkway Exit 42, anyway.

It’s bad enough that the island at the Weston Road/Easton Road/Main Street intersection sends traffic in several confusing directions.

But ever since the demise of Daybreak Nursery it’s been a weed-filled, sign-covered mess.

Longtime Westporter Larry Perlstein decides to do something. Connecticut’s Department of Transportation allows islands to be adopted by companies for upkeep (many in Westport already are). He contacted DOT, to start the process.

Perlstein says it took 6 months of nagging — along with a poke by State Representative Jonathan Steinberg — to get action.

Finally, Northeast Horticultural is giving time (and plants) to maintain the island. They’ve done a first pass at cleanup and planting. They’ll do more this spring.

Weston Road/Easton Road traffic island looks a wee bit better. (Photo/Larry Perlstein)

Perlstein says, “This island is a gateway to Westport. Tons of traffic passes by. I remember what it looked like when it was well maintained, and I was embarrassed for the town it deteriorated so badly.”

Now, if we could only do something about signs for politicians, tag sales and sports sign-ups …

Pics Of The Day #1183

A collage of Greens Farms traffic islands (Photo/Bob Weingarten)

Roundup: The Graduate; Street Spotlight; Traffic Islands; More

Last night’s Remarkable Theater drive-in movie was another smash.

As you can tell from Katie Augustyn’s photo, it was “The Graduate.”

Next up: “Life Animated” (Wednesday, July 15) and “Do the Right Thing” (Thursday, July 16). Click here for tickets.

Last year, “06880” introduced a “Street Spotlight” series. The goal is to shine a light on a Westport road, from a resident’s point of view.

What makes your street special? Do you have unique traditions? Does one particular person, family or physical feature bring people together? Has everyone gone through an experience that bonded residents tightly?

“Street Spotlight” runs irregularly — whenever we get an interesting submission. Here’s your chance to show off your road, lane, drive, circle or court to the entire “06880” community. Send info and photos to dwoog@optonline.net. Happy trails!

Happy, friendly High Point Road residents.

A timely reminder: If you’re going to say you maintain a traffic island, you should maintain it!

(Photo/Peter Swift)

And finally … a wish from Tom Chapin:

High (And Low) Watermarks

A few days ago, “06880” ran a photo of the traffic island at Turkey Hill North and the Post Road.

The sign said it was “Maintained by The Watermark at 3030 Park.” But it had been quite a while since any maintenance was done.

Someone in Bridgeport must be reading this blog. Here was the same scene yesterday evening:

Congratulations, and thanks, Watermark!

There’s only one problem: You may have forgotten you also maintain the traffic island at the other end of Turkey Hill North, at Long Lots.

Pic Of The Day #814

The sign at Post Road/Turkey Hill North says, “Gardens Maintained by The Watermark at 3030 Park.” But you have to look closely to see it. Time to maintain that garden!

P&Z Signs Off

Tag sales. Computer help. Painting services.

Effective immediately, those signs — and all those others crowding town-owned roads, traffic islands and rights-of-way — will be removed.

And discarded.

That’s the promise of the Planning and Zoning Department, according to a press release sent earlier today. It reiterates regulations that have been in place since at least 2002.

A few caveats:

Temporary signs advertising charitable events may be placed on town property. They require approval by the chief of police, P&Z director and Parks and Recreation director (or their “designated representatives”). Qualifying organizations (“i.e., local non-profits”) must fill out a request form — including proposed locations.

There’s a maximum of 15 signs for each event. They can’t be placed more than 2 weeks before the event, and must be removed within 2 days. Maximum size is 2 feet by 3 feet.

In addition, signs cannot be placed on school property without permission of the superintendent’s office; or “within the interior of Compo Beach or Longshore”; or on Town Hall property, trees or utility poles, or in any way that interferes with traffic visibility.

Political signs are considered “an expression of free speech,” and are allowed on public property. But the guidelines above — amazingly — also refer to “temporary signs for political purposes.”

Signs on private property require owner’s approval. It is “suggested” that they be removed within 2 days after the publicized event or election.

The town does not control — and is not responsible for — signs on state property. Town guidelines say, “It is not advisable” to place signs on property, rights of way and islands on Route 1, 136, 57, 33 and the Sherwood Island Connector, or the I-95 and Merritt Parkway ramps.

All that info was announced today. Let’s see how much better the town looks tomorrow.

Hey, they did say “effective immediately.”

Deserted Island

The traffic island at Westport’s most confusing intersection — Weston Road/ Easton Road/Main Street — looks a bit ragged:

Weston Road intersection

This is the 1st impression many visitors get, as they exit the Merritt Parkway.

A sign says that maintenance is provided by Daybreak Nursery. Unfortunately, that nearby business closed earlier this year.

Most companies and organizations that maintain the traffic islands throughout town do a great, conscientious job.

But what happens when a business shuts down, or a civic group decides it can no longer handle the task?

Our traffic islands are like our town’s front lawns. Visitors often remark on their beauty (as well as the ugly signs planted there).

But — like our own front lawns — they demand constant TLC.