High (And Low) Watermarks

A few days ago, “06880” ran a photo of the traffic island at Turkey Hill North and the Post Road.

The sign said it was “Maintained by The Watermark at 3030 Park.” But it had been quite a while since any maintenance was done.

Someone in Bridgeport must be reading this blog. Here was the same scene yesterday evening:

Congratulations, and thanks, Watermark!

There’s only one problem: You may have forgotten you also maintain the traffic island at the other end of Turkey Hill North, at Long Lots.

8 responses to “High (And Low) Watermarks

  1. The power of the press, Dan!

  2. David Stalling

    I think all three look nice. There’s something to be said for the “unmaintained” one of perhaps native grasses that likely don’t require any watering or fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides that could end up down the drains in Long Island Sound. Go natural!

    • Michael Calise

      I agree

      • Sharon Paulsen


        That’s how I once landscaped my own yard … natural grasses/weeds, no pesticides, all organically realized … BUT, with a structured “plan”, so it didn’t get out of hand … or (heaven forbid) piss off the neighbors. 😉

        Intentional randomality (my new word of the day, tee hee).

  3. Robert Mitchell

    There is another island further down the Post Road that is ostensibly maintained by “A&J Farm Stand”.. ????

  4. Eva Lopez Reyman