Eyesore Gets Facelift

It’s one of the first things you see entering Westport — getting off Merritt Parkway Exit 42, anyway.

It’s bad enough that the island at the Weston Road/Easton Road/Main Street intersection sends traffic in several confusing directions.

But ever since the demise of Daybreak Nursery it’s been a weed-filled, sign-covered mess.

Longtime Westporter Larry Perlstein decides to do something. Connecticut’s Department of Transportation allows islands to be adopted by companies for upkeep (many in Westport already are). He contacted DOT, to start the process.

Perlstein says it took 6 months of nagging — along with a poke by State Representative Jonathan Steinberg — to get action.

Finally, Northeast Horticultural is giving time (and plants) to maintain the island. They’ve done a first pass at cleanup and planting. They’ll do more this spring.

Weston Road/Easton Road traffic island looks a wee bit better. (Photo/Larry Perlstein)

Perlstein says, “This island is a gateway to Westport. Tons of traffic passes by. I remember what it looked like when it was well maintained, and I was embarrassed for the town it deteriorated so badly.”

Now, if we could only do something about signs for politicians, tag sales and sports sign-ups …

11 responses to “Eyesore Gets Facelift

  1. Nice job, Larry!

  2. Michael Isaacs

    You’re right, Dan. The signs are so disgusting. They are everywhere. Like anyone would vote for a candidate because they see a sign. It’s all so childish. And watch… most of them will stay up well after the elections. The town should just ban signs of all kinds.

  3. Sooo-z Mastropietro

    Thank you for taking action, Larry! Those signs are worse than a phone in the hand! Totally distracting eye garbage with a sad afterlife in the bin. Beautiful gardens in these spots are a great solution.

  4. When can someone adopt the median from the connector to Hillspoint? It’s the gateway to the Town and the State only mows it a few times a year. Fairfield and even Bridgeport keep all of their grass mowed even on state land. The least Westport can do is find a landscaper to donate their time and talents to make that stretch of grass not look like an abandoned piece of land.

  5. I feel the same way about the underpass area between Bridge St and Narrow Rocks road under the two bridges that is the gateway to Compo Beach. It could be landscaped as an entry to one of Westport’s treasures.
    I’d be happy to work on it if told how to do it.

  6. While I like tidy (not quite as much as many), I am more concerned with the traffic pattern merging 136 going south with cars coming off and going onto Exit 42. First there is a traffic light…fine. But then there is a stop sign requiring merging (dodging?) high speed traffic in both directions. Got to be a better way, no?

  7. patrick j kennedy jr

    FINALLY ! Thank you.

  8. That’s great
    Now if we could only do something about the embarrassing Exit 17 mess!

  9. Adam Schwartz

    Alright! Let’s hear it for a Staples 1975 alum doing what he does best!!!

  10. nick thompson

    wonderful work . Now onto the strip off exit 18