Pics Of The Day #1183

A collage of Greens Farms traffic islands (Photo/Bob Weingarten)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1183

  1. Wyatt Jansen

    I recently moved here from Greenwich, and one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is poor maintenance of some of Westport’s traffic islands and other green spaces, including in very prominent spots, like the traffic island at the intersection of Main Street and Weston Road, the facilities office for the school district on Canal, Veteran’s Green enclosed with chain link, the traffic island across from Mystic Market at exit 17, etc. We could make a much better first impression.

    • Bob Weingarten

      I’ve seen people maintaining islands in the heat and sun providing free services to beautify Westport.

      I have a suggestion that if you believe an island is in such critical poor shape, you can always pitch in with gardening to fix the situation. All of us should be willing to assist in the maintenance of all of Westport open space.