Roundup: Board Of Ed; U-Stand For The Beach; More

With 7 weeks left before the start of the new school year, the Board of Education is edging toward a decision on how that year will look.

Tonight at 7 p.m., the School Reopening Committee provides information to the board.

The Zoom session will be livestreamed on and shown on Optimum channel 78 and Frontier channel 6021.

Thomas Edison had hundreds of “aha!” moments.

Cole Merlino had only one — but beachgoers everywhere are grateful.

The University of South Carolina student got tired of digging his beach umbrella into the sand, then watching the wind carry it away.

Staples High School 2018 graduate Will Birch noticed the same thing. So when his college buddy Cole created a new product to solve the problem, Will signed on as sales manager and social media advisor.

“U-Stand” is a a patent pending, lightweight but durable bucket. You take it empty to the beach, fill it with sand, and set your umbrella into the tube on top.

Piling in all that sand sound like too much work? You can use nearby water, or bring ice in it from home — with your favorite drinks. Cup holders on top make it the ultimate beach accessory (in your choice of 5 colors!).

Will has started selling to local stores. But you can buy a U-Stand online — at a 15% discount. Just click here, and use the promo code “BIRCH.”

Click here for U-Stand’s Instagram account. For more information, email or call 203-810-9195. Stores are welcome to inquire about sales too!

And finally … this classic. And classic muttonchops too:

One response to “Roundup: Board Of Ed; U-Stand For The Beach; More

  1. The superintendent of schools, who is pushing hard for a reopening of schools this fall is, simply, out of his mind; as in any teacher who goes back to the classroom at this time…what the hell is he thinking?