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I’m Sure This Stop & Shop Scene Is Just A Post-Strike Coincidence

After all, as the sign says, human beings will still do the clean-up:

(Photos/Mark Mathias)

What could possibly go wrong?

Morning Report: Stop & Shop Strike

As the Stop & Shop strike continues into a 2nd day, an “06880” reader who requests anonymity writes:

I drove in at 8 this morning. I was asked by the picket line to “not shop here today,” and instead “shop at another store.” I politely told them that I couldn’t, due to time constraints.

I was the ONLY person in the store. It was a surreal experience, considering how busy that store usually is. I had to use the self checkout.

I spoke with a manager on the way out. She was the only one there, besides a manager in the back.

It was an odd scene. Nothing in the meat counter, the produce was a mess, etc.

I did see someone in the pharmacy, so I think that is open. Not sure about the bank.

What’s  your experience? Will you avoid Stop & Shop because of the picket line? Avoid it because of the lack of fresh food today, and/or the mess? If you’ve always gone there, what’s your Plan B? Click “Comments” below.

Westport Super Stop & Shop workers on strike yesterday. (Photo/Robin Singer)

Supermarkets Can’t Handle Paper Bags

Alert — and frustrated — “06880” reader/shopper Bob Weingarten writes:

Several years ago Westport banned plastic shopping bags. They were replaced by paper bags. Most had paper handles, for ease of carrying.

Only one supermarket consistently provided paper bags without handles: Stop & Shop.

But a month ago, Fresh Market switched from paper bags with handles to ones without.

When Fresh Market management was asked about the switch, they said it was done by corporate, because all other Fresh Markets use plastic. That’s not really an excuse.

I no long buy more than one bag of groceries, since it is difficult to carry bags without handles. I could use a cart to my car but would rather not. It just causes congestion in the parking lot.

“06880” readers: Has the plastic bag ban worked out for you? Click “Comments” below.

Local grocery store bags — with and without handles. (Photos/Bob Weingarten)

Stop & Chop — And Plop

This  morning’s “06880” referenced an earlier post, with a photo about the sudden removal of trees from the Stop & Shop parking lot.

As if on cue, Mark Mathias spotted this scene earlier today, in the same spot:

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

As promised, diseased and/or overgrown trees have been replaced by hardy new ones.

Enjoy the view — and the shade!

Downtown Starbucks Closes!

Alert “06880” reader Ed Hulina reports that the Parker Harding Plaza Starbucks will close at 5 p.m. today.

Not to worry, mocha frappucino freaks. It’s temporary. They’ll reopen in 10 days, on October 1.

Ed says the reason is a long-overdue remodeling. Perhaps this time they’ll do the right thing and put the seating on the window side facing the river, rather than the dark corner looking out on Post Road traffic.


Ed also worries that the move will force coffee addicts to the “diner” Starbucks, 1.6 miles east. That would flood an already overcrowded parking lot, where drivers are congenitally unable to follow signs or otherwise act like normal human beings.

So “06880” reminds you: There are 2 other Starbuckses in Westport. One is inside Barnes & Noble. The other is in Super Stop & Shop.

There’s also one on the Post Road in Fairfield, and another next to Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk.

Of course, there’s always Dunkin’ Donuts…

It’s Only January 2, But This Could Be The Worst Parking Job In All Of 2014

In the midst of frenzied pre-apocalypse shopping at Stop & Shop this afternoon, alert “06880” reader Eileen Hart Ludy was stopped cold.

This is what she saw:

Stop and Shop

Look closely. It’s more than a crowded lot.

The car in the middle is boxed in. Someone parked behind it. Someone parked in front of it.

Yes, Eileen looked.

No, there was no one in any of the cars.

Someone might be able to top this, sometime this year.

But I shudder to think how.

Stop & Shop Almost Gets Its “Right”

It’s definitely a First World problem.

But for years Westporters have been stumped by Super Stop & Shop’s entrance and exit doors.

They were backwards: “in” was on the left. “Out” was (wrongly) right.

This is America. We do things the other way.

Happily, after the recent renovation, there’s now one big door for everyone to pass through.

Stop and Shop 1

Well — not so fast.

When the doors close, they’re still mislabeled. (Though it’s not like we need those signs, anyway.)

Stop and Shop 2

The good news: The “No Propane Cylinders Allowed In Store” signs still guard the side.


Meet The Most Important Person In Westport

Stop and Shop parking

Because why park diagonally at Super Stop & Shop — using 2 spaces — when you can park completely across, and take up all 3?!

No Propane Cylinders

Super Stop & Shop, Westport CTFor a friendly neighborhood megastore, Super Stop & Shop sure has lots of warnings.

The cigarette stuff I get (although one sign would suffice).  But “no propane cylinders”?

Has that been a problem in the past?  I don’t recall any incidents of shoppers hauling propane cylinders inside.   And if they did, what happened?  Were there like explosions and stuff?

If propane cylinders haven’t been an issue (knock wood), maybe we shouldn’t count on dumb luck to protect us in the future.  I think Stop & Shop should start listing everything Westport shoppers might be tempted to bring into the store, unless specifically told not to.  For example:

“No vials of anthrax allowed in store.”

“Please!  Keep enriched plutonium in your car.”

“Notice:  Shoulder anti-aircraft missiles prohibited by law.”

And don’t forget little pictographs, for non-English-speaking terrorists and children who can’t yet read.