Downtown Starbucks Closes!

Alert “06880” reader Ed Hulina reports that the Parker Harding Plaza Starbucks will close at 5 p.m. today.

Not to worry, mocha frappucino freaks. It’s temporary. They’ll reopen in 10 days, on October 1.

Ed says the reason is a long-overdue remodeling. Perhaps this time they’ll do the right thing and put the seating on the window side facing the river, rather than the dark corner looking out on Post Road traffic.


Ed also worries that the move will force coffee addicts to the “diner” Starbucks, 1.6 miles east. That would flood an already overcrowded parking lot, where drivers are congenitally unable to follow signs or otherwise act like normal human beings.

So “06880” reminds you: There are 2 other Starbuckses in Westport. One is inside Barnes & Noble. The other is in Super Stop & Shop.

There’s also one on the Post Road in Fairfield, and another next to Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk.

Of course, there’s always Dunkin’ Donuts…

11 responses to “Downtown Starbucks Closes!

  1. How about we give some support to the Mom & Pop coffee shops that are making a great comeback in Westport. Like the new Espresso NEAT, Java of Westport, Coffee An Donuts and The Granola Bar. Did I miss any?
    Here’s a list

  2. Mocha frappacino freaks have to remember that their Starbucks’ cards are not honored at B&N.

  3. JAVA. For great coffee. In town and a wonderful place to go. Try it and you just might like it. Put recommendation is the wonderful Oatmeal.

  4. Dan, of all your alternate suggestions, Dunkin’ Donuts is by far the best.

  5. Matthew Mandell

    Right, there is NEAT, Java, Coffee An, Granola and DD and what about Steam, Commuter Coffee and Cocoa Michele. There are more than enough places to check out. Spread it around – a coffee in a different place everyday.

  6. Morgan Patrick

    The Dunkin Donuts across from the Fresh Market has exceptional service, and the coffee is always superb.

  7. There’s also the cafe at the Westport Library.

  8. Michael Calise

    just for the regular guys – Oscars, Calise’s, JR.s,Coffee an

  9. I wonder if Starbucks will consider shooting the lock off their wallet and installing (and maintaining) actual landscaping in the front and side landscape areas that flank the store. The current scheme – whose message seems to be something along the lines of “drop dead” – is a depressing mélange of weeds, road sand, unhappy plantings and other crud.

  10. Thanks Dad aka Michael Calise and thanks Don O’Day! There’s quite the crowd at Calise’s in the morning for Coffee and breakfast; family, long time friends and customers, the newbie……Carmine’s always there to welcome all!