No Propane Cylinders

Super Stop & Shop, Westport CTFor a friendly neighborhood megastore, Super Stop & Shop sure has lots of warnings.

The cigarette stuff I get (although one sign would suffice).  But “no propane cylinders”?

Has that been a problem in the past?  I don’t recall any incidents of shoppers hauling propane cylinders inside.   And if they did, what happened?  Were there like explosions and stuff?

If propane cylinders haven’t been an issue (knock wood), maybe we shouldn’t count on dumb luck to protect us in the future.  I think Stop & Shop should start listing everything Westport shoppers might be tempted to bring into the store, unless specifically told not to.  For example:

“No vials of anthrax allowed in store.”

“Please!  Keep enriched plutonium in your car.”

“Notice:  Shoulder anti-aircraft missiles prohibited by law.”

And don’t forget little pictographs, for non-English-speaking terrorists and children who can’t yet read.

2 responses to “No Propane Cylinders

  1. Dan, you are a riot!

  2. Kim Manning

    The comment above was from me. Sorry, forgot to add my name!