Stop & Shop Almost Gets Its “Right”

It’s definitely a First World problem.

But for years Westporters have been stumped by Super Stop & Shop’s entrance and exit doors.

They were backwards: “in” was on the left. “Out” was (wrongly) right.

This is America. We do things the other way.

Happily, after the recent renovation, there’s now one big door for everyone to pass through.

Stop and Shop 1

Well — not so fast.

When the doors close, they’re still mislabeled. (Though it’s not like we need those signs, anyway.)

Stop and Shop 2

The good news: The “No Propane Cylinders Allowed In Store” signs still guard the side.


3 responses to “Stop & Shop Almost Gets Its “Right”

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I hoped that revolving doors were chosen.

  2. And what about the crazy re-organization of items that are all over the place? The rearrangement in the store seems illogical and I’m sad about the destruction of their pretty good flower section. And who wants to drink Starbucks where the flowers were? I want to get in the store, purchase what’s on my list and leave. I’m very upset. Norwalk Stop and Shop is looking better and better.

  3. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Unfortunately, this illogical reorganization is destined for all the stores. We first encountered it at an S & S at the Cape this summer – took ages to find basic items and we spoke greatfully of our hometown layout…. It will happen to Norwalk, too.