Dude, Pass Me Another Agenda

Item 3 at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on October 17 is this:

Amendment #655:  Appl. #13-052 by the Westport Planning and Zoning Commission for a text amendment to the zoning regulations to add §31-14 (Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Producers) for a Moratorium on applications or permits associated with the establishment of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Producers.

I have no idea what that means. Sounds like it was written by someone who was high.


11 responses to “Dude, Pass Me Another Agenda

  1. I think it means that P&Z will not consider any applications or permits for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. In other words, no pot shops in Westport. Probably as a reaction to the application in Fairfield for a medical marijuana store. But you’re right, Dan, it’s really poorly written.

  2. Bull s**t !
    It’s deliberately written poorly. Common trick to slip things past sleepy or buzzed voters. But of course, Westport is so fortunate? to have so few war veterans with PTSD that legal POT SHOPS are not needed. And you can get as much pot as you want at the schools, so why bother paying retail?
    Who drafted and proposed this anyway? That’s the real story. 😉

  3. There used to be a head shop on Taylor Place. Can’t remember the name.

    • Tiffany’s ?

      • Right. Before there was Tiffany’s and before Eddie Bauer [?} and before Knitting Nooke there was a head shop!

        • They were kool and konvenient, but UTOPIA in Norwalk by the Silver Star Diner has the only legal head shop in CT and it is HUGE !

  4. So is the rumor that a medical pot shop is being placed on the Post near Dunkin UNtrue? I sure hope so

  5. Perhaps the writer is a compatriot of our State Senator Ms. Boucher – who appears to have learned everything she “knows” about Marijuana from Reefer Madness.

  6. Sandy Soennichsen

    It means like “hey dude……i mean, what are we doing here…..and the colors are wow…..did you see that……wow…..you want what? ;….to sell this s**t….wow, I don’t know man…..go ask Tom Feeley dude……or Johnathan Adler whose window says ‘your 24 hour pot dealer’…..

  7. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Oversee and regulate. Simple.
    Then again, American health care is far from simple.