It’s Only January 2, But This Could Be The Worst Parking Job In All Of 2014

In the midst of frenzied pre-apocalypse shopping at Stop & Shop this afternoon, alert “06880” reader Eileen Hart Ludy was stopped cold.

This is what she saw:

Stop and Shop

Look closely. It’s more than a crowded lot.

The car in the middle is boxed in. Someone parked behind it. Someone parked in front of it.

Yes, Eileen looked.

No, there was no one in any of the cars.

Someone might be able to top this, sometime this year.

But I shudder to think how.

12 responses to “It’s Only January 2, But This Could Be The Worst Parking Job In All Of 2014

  1. What’s interesting is that the blocked in car was the original offender by take half of the spot in front and half of the spot behind. I’m on the side of the two other drivers making the best of the situation with a little poetic justice.

  2. Diane silfen


  3. Dan.. wasn’t one of your resolutions NOT to write about bad parking jobs anymore? You sure didn’t last very long!

  4. This is rather deceptive, as the offender actually happens to be the car that is boxed in. He or she clearly took up the front half of both parking spots and the other cars simply filled up the empty space behind and in front.

  5. It’s hard to be absolutely sure from the photo, but it looks like the car on the extreme right has his/her back half out in the lane of traffic! If so, s/he’s the culprit.

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Love it! Hey, can we get a copy of the Stop and Shop parking lot camera feed? LOL! What a great uTube clip that would be.

  7. Douglass Davidoff

    The boxed-in car shows every sign of having been in the wrong to start with. Still, two — er, three — wrongs don’t make a right.

    As for your resolution, Dan, you indeed honored it in the breach.

  8. Another good one, Dan. Got another 06880 morning chuckle — love the parking stories 🙂 Stay warm!

  9. I agree with above comments re the car in the middle. He/She took 2 parking spaces in an obviously crowded parking lot and sort of deserves what happened. Please keep these photos coming.
    Would like to suggest another series of pictures for 2014. The Addition Challenged Westporters who stand in the express (10 items or less) line at Stop/Shop with a cart full of groceries and then don’t have the decency to let someone who has 2 items go through

    • When you call those guys out on it, the reply is: “It’s only 12 (or 14) (or 16).” Or they count eight boxes of cereal as one because it’s the same “item.” Interestingly, the “Express Checkout” line at Stew Leonard’s does not specify a number. That’s because (I was told when I asked) that the “Express” refers to the fact one line funnels into several cashiers. So it’s okay to stand in the Stew’s express line with a cart full of groceries. Though I would call that a weasel move.