… or preparing for another Westport snowstorm?

Trader Joes

You be the judge.

13 responses to “Armageddon…

  1. Charles Rosoff

    …especially if one does not have a generator and loses power causing everything to spoil!

    • Holly Wheeler

      Stick it outside, Charles. One of the good things about this time of year — instant freezer !

  2. I went shopping on Monday. Why people wait, I don’t know. And Charles makes a good point.

  3. Bart Shuldman

    While our new Tree Chief focused on the beautiful ride down Longshore, now we will see the results of not focusing on the trees interfering with power lines. Hopefully we will be spared losing power but we all know the risk given the issues with past storms.

  4. Not much left at stop & shop either but on a good note; it was the produce aisle that was really demolished…and by noon!!

  5. Adam Schwartz '75

    I thought everyone from back east was here in Southern California for the football games this week? 75 and blue skies….

  6. Your food ain’t gonna spoil if you lose power when it’s below freezing outside. Put the stuff on the back porch. If you’re fussy, shovel some snow into a cooler and put the stuff in the cooler. This is pretty basic stuff, folks.

    Where I am at the moment, in Maine, the winds are howling and the snow is blowing and accumulating more than in Westport, yet there was no panic at the grocery store today. Not much activity in the parking lot, no lines, nobody stocking up on a week’s worth of provisions, plenty of stuff on the shelves. I got my pasta, onions, sausage, tomatoes, and most importantly my Chianti, and I’m all set for whatever comes my way.

    It’s January in New England. Snow storms are predictable as a general proposition, and this particular little number has been forecast with great specificity for days. Why every skiffle of snow brings on such panic I have never understood.

  7. I don’t intend this to be a “ha-ha” comment, but this is one of the main reasons I’m happy I moved to Florida.

  8. Eat well Mr. Bruce and you certainly have the right idea…. And yes, it is a little storm in New England… Excellent skiing and outdoor adventure weather…or for those who like a book and a fire or a Movie enjoy, relax and most of all…do not panic…just be prepared.

  9. Holly Wheeler

    Wonder what the liquor stores look like?

  10. Am I the only one who is annoyed by the sudden (last year or so) naming of winter storms? Storm Hercules…who cares? While we have definitely experienced some freaky storms in the last few years, we have survived for centuries with out giving a dopey name to what will likely be just another snowstorm. Naming them just seems to add to angst and frenzy.

    • I think this is a invention, not the National Weather Service. I agree completely, Bill. What’s next: naming rainy days?

  11. Stacy Prince

    Snow panic? There’s always some of that. But a lot of people were away for the holiday/s, and Thursday was their first day home. Whatever the reason for the rush, Trader’s Joe’s employees worked their butts off restocking, and they were all cheerful. The only real issue was that so many people didn’t observe the stop sign in the parking lot (note how we always we circle back around to the topic of rude drivers!).