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Photo Challenge #365

When JC Martin submitted last week’s Photo Challenge — a strange-looking light on a pole — I figured it would be one of the toughest ever.

I was wrong. Then again, I’m not a boater.

Several readers instantly identified the image. It’s the green light at the Compo Beach Road side of Ned Dimes Marina, just to the left of the Owenoke entrance.

The range lights (I learned) are mandated for safe navigation in and out of the basin. They’re lit 365 nights a year, (Click here to see the photo.)

Ellen Greenberg, Pat Saviano, Jonathan Prager, Dave Eason, Andrew Colabella, Tom Wall and Janice Strizever all identified the light — and knew what it’s there for.

I’ve always seen the signs: “Safe boating is no accident.”

Now I know how.

Do you know where to find this week’s Photo Challenge? If so, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)


Pic Of The Day #1558

Ned Dimes Marina …

… and nearby kayak launch (Drone photos/Daniel Johnson)

Photo Challenge #337

One reader called it “another fabulous crown jewel.” Another said it was a “fabulous spot for a nice party.”

“It” is the small clubhouse at Ned Dimes Marina. Separating scores of boats from the parking lot by the softball field, the low wooden building can be lost in Compo Beach’s beauty.

But it really is a gem. It’s a spot to sit, rest and people-watch. It’s shaded and breezy.

And — though many Westporters don’t know this — the clubhouse is also available to rent, for a modest-compared-to-most-places fee.

Fred Cantor, Lee Ann Bollert, Diane Silfen, Andrew Colabella, Rich Stein, Louis Weinberg, Thomas Siebrasse, Marc Isaacs, Michael Calise, Jonathan McClure and Sue Kane all identified last week’s Photo Challenge, a reflective-type shot by Dinkin Fotografix. (Click here to see.)

So who was Ned Dimes?

He was a former All-New England soccer player at Wesleyan University, B-24 World War II pilot, and Yale Law graduate who practiced his entire career in Westport.

In his 55 years here he was elected to the Board of Finance (18 years, 14 as chair); served as president of the Westport Pension Board; was on the Representative Town Meeting, Recreation Commission, Public Site & Building Committee and Planning and Zoning Commission (alternate), and was a YMCA trustee.

Dimes also chaired Saugatuck Congregational Church’s board of trustees, and was a deacon. He spent 50 years as a Saugatuck Hose Company #4 member (as well as their attorney and trustee).

He also belonged to the Minuteman and South Norwalk Boat Clubs — more reasons (among many) that our “crown jewel” marina is named for Ned Dimes. He died in 2005, age 82.

Meanwhile — away from the beach — if you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/JC Martin)

Pic Of The Day #1512

Planning their next poop (Photo/Marcia Falk)

Pic Of the Day #1474

Ned Dimes Marina (Photo/Les Dinkin)

Pics Of The Day #1470

Ned Dimes Marina by day … (Photo/Karen Como)

… and at sunset … (Drone photo/Daniel Johnson)

… and Long Island Sound, from Compo Beach (Drone photo/Daniel Johnson)

Pic Of The Day #1450

Ned Dimes Marina will not be this empty for long (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pics Of The Day #1416

Compo Beach dog … (Photo/Nicola Sharian)

… and bench … (Photo/Lauri Weiser)

… and tree … (Photo/Nicola Sharian)

… and bikes (Photo/Amy Schneider)

… and Ned Dimes Marina (Photo/Rowene Weems Photography)

Classic Westport Art For Sale

Longtime Westporter Martha Nachman is downsizing. She has a few items that might interest “06880” readers.

One is a nice Naiad Einsel framed poster of the Westport Schools Spring Art Show at Jesup Green.

She also has a number of Al Willmott’s small prints of Westport scenes.

Ned Dimes Marina (Don Willmott)

Church Lane (Don Willmott)

Many are in great shape. Some have stains.


Saugatuck: Old Riverside Avenue (Don Willmott)

Greens Farms train station (Don Willmott)


Pics Of The Day #1410

Sherwood Island State Park … (Photo/Molly Alger)

… and Compo Beach benches … (Photo/Amy Schneider)

… and lockers … (Photo/Lauri Weiser)

… and basketball court …(Photo/Lauri Weiser)

… and Ned Dimes Marina (Photo/Wendy Crowther)