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Pic Of The Day #1380

Ned Dimes Marina in winter (Photo/Inna Agujen Veloso)

Pic Of The Day #1367

Compo Beach Ned Dimes Marina (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

Pic Of The Day #1350

Sunset at Ned Dimes Marina (Photo/Matt Murray)

Breathtaking Beach Beauty

Nearly half a year into the pandemic, it’s easy to dwell on what we miss.

The Memorial Day parade and July 4th fireworks. Large backyard barbecues. A normal school year. Life as we knew it.

But let’s not forget all that we have. Here in Westport, we are truly, bountifully blessed. We live in a loving, caring community. We have a broad array of resources to help us through.

And we have our beaches.

Staples High School senior Brandon Malin sent his drone flying over our shores. No matter how worried or down you feel, his astonishing photos will raise your spirits, and lift you high.

We don’t have a coronavirus vaccine yet. Until we do, these images are enough. (Click on or hover over to enlarge.)

Compo Beach: the cannons’ jetty.

Compo Beach: Ned Dimes Marina.

Compo Beach: Ned Dimes Marina closeup.

Compo Beach: the main beach.

Compo Beach: pavilion and concession stand.

Compo Beach: playground, pavilions and more.

Soundview Drive near Schlaet’s Point.

Schlaet’s Point toward Old Mill Beach.

Schlaet’s Point and Old Mill.

Sherwood Mill Pond.

Sherwood Mill Pond and Compo Cove.

Pic Of The Day #1225

Clouds — or mountains — over the marina? (Photo/Mary Gai)

Pics Of The Day #1203

Compo’s South Beach, looking west toward Owenoke … (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

… and Ned Dimes Marina nearby (Photo/Jeff Kaplan)

Pics Of The Day #1185

Clouds near Ned Dimes Marina … (Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

… and the marina itself … (Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

… and Old Mill Beach … (Photo/Jim St. Andre)

… and out to Compo Cove … (Photo/Jim St. Andre)

… and colorful Compo (Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

Pic Of The Day #1143

Everyone gets into the swim of things, at Ned Dimes Marina (Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

Pic Of The Day #997

Ned Dimes Marina (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #913

Winds whipped the Ned Dimes Marina today (Photo/Tracy Porosoff)